Layering: Layered Chains

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The buds sprout, the birds chirping, and it smells of fresh flowers. More and more, the spring can be seen and we are already looking for the perfect spring outfit. But what would be the “perfect” spring look without a suitable and meaningful accessory? Very nice, but somehow something would be missing. One or more filigree chains spice up almost every look. What is currently announced or in my opinion is coming, you can read in the following lines. Read More

Product Presentation:Rhinestone Necklace with Wow Effect

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Today I can introduce you an accessory of my choice.I chose a silvery-sparkling, strass-studded necklace.As you see in the photo, I got a tight-fitting necklace, which consists of three-rowed rhinestones.It is locked with a small carabiner (this must be of course practiced – or you ask your partner for it …).Depending on how narrow your neck is, at the end still a bit of chain over.Attention: the necklace can be adjusted in length, but it only adapts to the circumference of your neck – it can not be worn deeper on the chest.

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Fashion Necklaces And Chokers

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The fashion necklaces and chokers that marked a mythical time in the 90s with a marked style grunge again this season. 90s marked a before and an after in fashion both in clothing and in terms of allowances with the famous necklaces or choker necklaces as well as backpacks and other characteristics that defined the style grungeas carried by the trend of the time. To our regret again in fashion, and although we advocate more boho chic style we consider that we should emphasise it to help you achieve a 90s grunge style. Read More

Tahitian Pearls

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Qualification of Tahitian Pearls

The Tahitian black pearls come from secretions of mother of pearl that comes from a particular species of oyster called Pinctada margaritifera, a species grown primarily in the Polynesian lagoons.

The skills requirements of Tahitian Pearlsa are generally accepted by many professionals of the jewelry even if, at times, trading companies establish their rules and thus develop a particular interpretation of these standards. Read More

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