The Best Lte Boggle

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With this LTE smart phones you miss on the road no World Cup game: we present 22 first-class LTE Boggle, which football on the road becomes an experience.

During the World Cup, even the biggest football fanatics will not succeed to celebrate every game before the flat screen or at the public viewing. So that you can track the ball magic from Brazil also go optimally, we have scouted 22 WM smart phones for you. Read More

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New Start Up

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Who says PDA, says Palm and vice versa: the namesake of the pocket computer have a new smart phone with touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard in the offer. We have tested the Treo 650.

PalmOne could not benefit from the Smart phone boom in this country yet. While Nokia or Sony Ericsson put regularly new Symbian smart phones on the market and also the selection of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile devices is growing, Americans simply lack an up-to-date and attractive mobile phone. That should change with the Treo 650.

Whether the Palm OS smart phone against the well established competition has a chance to learn on the following pages. Read More

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Nokia X 2: Nokia’s New Android Smart Phone

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Nokia further is spreading in terms of Android and 2 introduces a new Android device for the small purse with the X.

Long time the question arose, why the Finnish company Nokia would put not on Android. With the Nokia X the Group presented its first device in February of this year despite close cooperation with Microsoft before, that relied on a modified version of Google’s mobile operating system.

But while the high-end Nokia Windows phone 8 class is equipped, it’s Android devices models. Also in the sequel x 2 the thing not looks different, as is obvious from the technical specifications. Read More

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