Hotellerie: What Can Not Fail in Your Service

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There are a few small items in everyday life that we like to find wherever we are: If you have an accommodation you are sure you have treated all the details in your hotellerie?

Let’s face it, even when we need to move us on business or for a holiday, and we chose the hotel stay, what we like most is to find the cure to detail, that makes us feel really in a well cared for and where they show managers have really cared about the well-being of their guests.

Although we are not at home, we like to have many small conveniences that we simplify everyday operations, and between them can not miss the great small accessories in the bathroom area.

The bathroom is the site of intimacy, and the fact of being in a place of service well groomed, clean and pared down to the last detail, it helps us to relax and to become familiar with a bathroom that is not to our House. Read More

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