Talk Mandarin Fluently, And Italian As Easy As Nothing!

For those of us who have lived a few years, it may seem like a dream for the future, which have come true: now you can understand what a human being on the other side of the globe (or in a neighboring country) says, without having studied the language 5 years at University.

How is it possible? Magic? The Skype logo

It’s really quite magical the Skype team has now been created. With Skype Translator you can actually communicate over the Internet with another human being “live” with audio and vivid image capture, although in two chatting completely different languages. Skype with Skype Translator came about a year ago – then as an app for Windows 8. It is now integrated in Skype’s desktop version, and can thus be used by Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10-users.

What about the Japanese? And Norwegian?

Skype Translator is provisionally available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, mandarin and Spanish, and several other languages will get to eventually. It applies the “live” version of the application, with video and audio conversations. 50 languages are already available for you as would written translation to or from a different language. Over the next few weeks, Microsoft will update the application, and a new translation button will be shown in the interviews. “It has been a long time dream to Skype to break down language barriers and bring everyone across the globe closer together,” explains Microsoft’s Skype team. Tentative support this ap Windows only, and no one knows when it will be available for Mac or iOS/Android, but we’re pretty sure that it’s not going to last long.

How does Skype Translator?

You can call nearly all who have Skype, but they must have Skype Translator preview software installed. Preliminary works the best on desktop versions. The app translates the conversation to a different language in real-timer, and the other person responds to you, will be translated back into your language. You can view a transcript of the conversation on the screen, while the conversation is taking place. In addition, one can therefore send written messages in 50 languages. A sample version is available for Windows 8.1.

Here you can download the trial version of Skype Translator from Windows Store.