TDC Will Save Blockbuster

TDC will breathe new life into the dying fire blockbuster.

Blockbuster is a challenged brand, but now ranks TDC them a helping hand. TDC has, in fact, bought the Danish rights to the name blockbuster and is planning to launch a digital movie rental service.

TDC will, according to TDC’s ceo Anders Jensen “renew the concept with all the possibilities that now lie within the framework of the digital world.”
There will be talk about a so-called TVOD service just four months after a movie has had theatrical release, rent the film for a fee.

TDC has already YouBio, where one service against a fixed monthly amount can watch movies, however, is of something older date.

TDC expects to open up to the new blockbuster in the course of the first half by 2014.

The old BLOCKBUSTER stores will be in return for our site, which will be a marketplace for the purchase and lease of used movies and games.