Telmore Police Notification for Illegal Telephone Sales

The TDC-owned Telmore has been notified by the Consumer Ombudsman on police because of illegal telephone sales.

The Consumer Ombudsman considers that Telmore has violated the consumer contracts Act prohibition of unsolicited telephone sales. This means that Telmore stands to pay a financial penalty.
It all began in the fall of 2013, when 2 consumers called the Consumer Ombudsman, to complain that they, without consent, had been contacted by Telmore relating to offers of subscription agreement.

The company has for the Consumer Ombudsman stated that they had phoned to consumers without their consent. It turns out that consumers in the past have been a customer of Telmore, and at that time given consent, to contact them, but nevertheless had to Telmore only via email.

In addition, it is up to the police whether to make the upcoming investigation in the case.