The Allure of Darkness

Gardens change with daylight fades their character: The colors lose their brilliance and intensity, some flowers unfold only at nightfall and many nocturnal animals come after sunset from their shelters. The charm of the evening and night gardens is also Lia Leendertz, who studied horticulture in Edinburgh, Scotland and already published many gardening books, succumbed – a reason for it, in their recent book “Gardens in theEvenings “, published by Knesebeck Verlag, give tips for the right ingredients of a night garden. On 208 pages and using 150 large format color photos Leendertz holding a plea for the night garden, which is the correct planting and design to a special experience at night.

Night Lighting in the Garden

Who is caught professionally all day in an office, his garden can enjoy usually only a short time in the daylight in the summer. The floral display disappears in the dark. With flowers that have very light or white flowers, and shrubs with silvery leaves can counteract this phenomenon. Night-flowering are not only the appearance, but also because they exude for recommended, but a slight scent that attracts nocturnal animals. The visit of bats, fireflies and nocturnal moths z. B. is allotted a garden owner only at night.


If the daylight disappears at sunset, is the question of artificial lighting in the garden. In order to preserve a natural atmosphere as possible, Leendertz recommend a system of several lanterns or decorating with night lights. Even floral night lights can be used by to emphasize individual games, but she advises in terms of artificial lighting, the principle of “less is more” planned to take the mysterious atmosphere that offers a nocturnal garden, maintained. Leendertz articulated in their book the attention on one aspect of horticulture, which is often literally hidden in the dark.With a detailed plant guide and an extra chapter to use the evening garden the guide makes you want to explore the garden, in which relies less on his eyes, but the atmosphere instead with all other senses receives and enjoys.