The Angels of Bras

As every year at this time, Victoria’s Secret presents his famous Christmas spot.  The Christmas holidays are an ideal time to release bras , and nothing better than to be inspired by the signature designs of bras to celebrate this time of year.

The angels of Victoria’s Secret star in this Christmas spot to stay ahead of Christmas.  And they do it to the tune of ‘This Love’ Taylor Swift, a very romantic and perfect for announcing lingerie song. Directed by Michael Bay, the announcement of the lingerie firm takes us to the city of Rome. Already you can see it !

In him we see angels like Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge, Taylor Hill and Elsa Hosik , one of the new revelations of the firm. The announcement is inspired by the tales of fantasy and fairy to present his collection of lingerie for Christmas parties where the lace and bright are the true protagonists. The aesthetics of the Roman Empire and classical also reflected in the ad, in which we see some of the models show off their splendid angel wings matching lingerie.  The snow and the old buildings are the perfect setting to anticipate the Christmas with the designs of the US firm, which each year surprises us with its famous Christmas spot.

Christmas is a time of many sales for Victoria’s Secret , hence it has also presented its spot of her new fragrance, Bombshell. A very sensual perfume that will leave its mark: the perfect gift this holiday season.

Each year, as the tradition and brand, Victoria’s Secret Christmas presents its spot just after the issuance of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.