The Best New Car Radios

Current car radios need to to control MP3 players and storage devices. The magic word is connectivity.

It is no longer trend, but standard: already the cheapest car stereos come with connectors for external devices, with a Jack input on the Frontplatte. Jetzt but at least more DIN radio to compete with in terms of connectivity also the Moniceivern in double DIN-format: classic car radios today take several third-party sources, memory cards, or even wireless mobile devices on the leash. The amount of music that the car-HiFi-fan can listen on the road, is thus practically inexhaustible.

At the same time the DIN radios are forever and ever cheaper: with prices starting at 200 euros, the offer is pretty thin, the bulk of the devices will cost between 100 and 200 euros. Still the quality is primarily the radio reception at a pleasingly high level. for a car stereo with Bluetooth hands-free system and iPod control, around 160 euro are required such as the pioneer DEH-7300 BT or at the Kenwood KDC-BT 41 & models with SD card slot such as the Kenwood KDC-4751 SD even from 140 euros to have. Clearly, Moniceiver with their large screens are not seldom serve – but this is not everything in life Yes also. The classic DIN car radio lives and offers as much as never been to so low prices like never before.