The Cut of the Overall

Today I am very upset, as everyone should be, with the Neymar injury.I think it was a win with taste of defeat, but now we must play and cheer to win this Cup for him, right?!

Yesterday, before the game of Brazil, I cut my overalls.I bought a fabric called Satin Suede, 100% polyester.It has one side with a soft glow and the other matte.I decided to do it from the same bright side.

As it is light, to cut it, instead of just pinching the mold, I put some pesinhos (like the dictionary that you can see in the photo … hahaha) so that the fabric did not leave the place and did not run the risk of the mold stay Off the wire.I have to go through a marmaria urgently and get some pesinhas for me.It’s the ideal.

After I scored, I pinned all the marking with a simple pin and cut it with a centimeter of stitching.The front body cutouts start as a cutout, but end in tweezers, as the angle does not allow sewing space.

Well, I’m going to dedicate myself to the making of it today!I hope Monday or Tuesday I can already show the look on the blog!Accompany!