The History Of Jeans

To tell the story of jeans, you have to start with the fabric from which it is made. Denim has changed our way of dressing us, changed and became popular all over the world.

Although it has its roots in Europe, the history of jeans is strongly linked to America and its famous “dream”, with its music, its films and its cool attitude. Jeans are consistently found in all the wardrobes of the Hollywood glamor of the 1950s and in the styles of the following decades.

“I wish I had invented the jeans: it’s so amazing, practical, comfortable and relaxed. She exudes attitude, modesty, sex appeal and simplicity … all I ever wanted for my creations. “-Yves Saint Laurent

Where Does Denim Come From?

The origin of the substance known today as “denim” or “Dungaree” is still being discussed today.

These two terms refer to the same thing: a cotton canvas twill fabric, which first appeared in Genoa, Italy. In the 18th century, Weber in the French Nimes copied it and gave it the name “Denim”.

This solid French fabric used for sails was unbleached until it was dyed in its distinctive “blue jeans color”.After all, he was exported to Great Britain, where he became known as “Jeans”.

Levi Strauss, The Original

The American company Levi Strauss & Co. and Jacob Davis, a tailor from Nevada, experimented with the fabric according to Politicsezine.

During the gold rush, the two men thought to use canvas and denim clothing to create the right work clothes for the extremely hard-working gold mine miners.

The result was great. And the expression “blue jeans” was coined.

Glamor In Hollywood

In American films, legendary actors and actresses of the 1950s have truly glorified the jeans.

Marilyn Monroe looked so cool in jeans, as Marlon Brando in the 1954er-Fim “The Wild One”.

However, jeans were for everyone’s taste and were even banned at some American schools because they thought they had a bad influence on the young people – like a particular Elvis Presley…

Strangely, the jeans became the uniform of these young people, who were eager to be free.

1967, Summer Of Love

In the late 1960s, the hippie movement encouraged the American youth to wear jeans. The film “Easy Rider” from 1969, whose screenplay was co-written by Dennis Hopper, made the jeans popular in Europe.

Jeans with flared legs, durable workalls and denim vests decorated with embroidery and patchwork have been modern. Jeans was unisex, creative, cheerful and a symbol of freedom for the youth.

Yesterday To Today

Social behavior and fashionable trends are true signs of the times. Each decade has its flagship style, because jeans are always reinvented.

In the 80s, waist-high jeans were announced to hide the body center. In the 1990s then faded grunge jeans with torn knees and in 2000, baggy jeans became trendy.

Since 2005, skinny jeans are everywhere and are worn by fashion-conscious people. But there are already gimmicks in the fashion world that the issued jeans of the 70s will celebrate their comeback. In today’s fashion, jeans are an integral part of everyone’s wardrobe.

They are never wrong with a classic jeans and a jeans shirt. This is an outfit for eternity!