The Lingerie Appeared

This 3rd has already published an image of an example not to be followed when the lingerie appears.

But I thought those images deserved a bit of reflection. For some years now, the high waist has returned to fashion. This is not to say that low trousers have left the scene, especially among Brazilian women, who love clothes that highlight the body and sensuality.

The Lingerie Appeared

Well. Raise the hand that never sat and realize that the indiscreet height of the pants left a little more show? To begin with, I think it better at the moment that her panties appear than her absence. This is not to say that this is acceptable according to

Now, people, the situation is real, but the solution is not so difficult. If we are all aware that this can happen, why not be careful when sitting down? Normally, arranging the posture and keeping your back straight will solve the problem. If this is not the case, use a small waistcoat(as you have tried to do in the third image), or simply stand until you find a higher seat.

The photos were taken in Vienna. And it’s not worth mentioning the ridiculous situation of the blogger who speaks to you, lowered, trying to take a photo of the flagras without being seen and look crazy !!