The Looks Of The Cannes Festival 2016

Celebrity, glamor and a high-carpet red carpet will once again set the tone at the unforgettable Cannes Festival. 

While the best films are chosen here, another competition takes place at the same time.Wanted is the most beautiful outfit.

From May 11 to 22, once again, all eyes were on the famous international film festival in Cannes. For the 69th time the Hollywood stars were present in the South of France. Even if this is the best film, the real show will take place outside the cinemas, while the celebrity will climb the famous staircase. Which of them has the most beautiful dress? You are the jury!

1. The Floor-Length Evening Dress

Without a doubt the Maxikleid is one of the most popular evening dresses on the red carpets of the world every year . 2016 in a seductive version with high slit, seen at Bella Hadid. Or with a deep décolleté like that of the figurnahen evening dress by Salma Hayek. For those who are looking for an evening gown but do not necessarily have the opportunity to do it in Cannes, we recommend a beautiful draped Maxikleid, as for example this one from Weise.

  1. The Tuxedo

The dresscode in Cannes goes back to the time when the film festival took place at the casino – a location that requires a men’s dress and an evening gown.However, the demands on the appropriate wardrobe have changed according to the time and the trends.This means that in 2016, we can see women wearing a tuxedo in Cannes – and an extra portion of self-assurance (as here: Charlize Theron).

  1. The Strapless Dress

Femininity and elegance characterize the sleeveless bustier dress like showing on hyperrestaurant. The cut flatters a large upper part and emphasizes a narrow waist. The invited guests in Cannes knew the benefits of the evening dress: Eva Longoria, Michelle Rodriguez and Naomi Watts stood in fabulous, strapless evening dresses in the lightning storm.

  1. The Sequin Dress

Usually chosen for special occasions, sparkling sequin dresses stand for party and luxury. So it is not surprising that we saw a lot of glittering looks this year in Cannes. And if there is someone who masters the “Bling-Bling-Look” masterfully, then it is certainly Kim Kardashian. But also Blake Lively impressed in her stunning sequin dress by Atelier Versace.

  1. The Yellow Dress

One color was particularly evident this year: yellow is the trend color of the season, even on the red carpet.A photogenic nuance, as it is called style experts, and more original than traditional black or white. One of our favorite clothes is the sun-yellow dress by Kirsten Dunst, which sprays a little retro charm and is both elegant and casual (and therefore the most everyday).

Where Are The Plus Size Actresses?

When we compiled this Best of Cannes list, we found (again) after intensive image search that there are still very few plus-size women on the red carpet.

In connection with our#moreplusplease campaign, we regret the fact that we are always presented with an unrealistic image of women in the media. More than 50% of the women in the world are “Plus Size”, yet only 2% of the female stars “Plus Size” are shown in the media. We find it is time to change this and demand a realistic beauty ideal that shows how versatile beauty is in reality.

There was an exception at least in Cannes: Jaclyn Jose showed everyone that you do not need a model to win one of the most prestigious acting prizes. She won the Golden Palm for the best actress in the film “Ma’Rosa”.