The Most Beautiful Songs For Your Wedding

Wedding – the wedding is the most beautiful day of your life. In addition to the perfect dress, a beautiful bridal bouquet and a great man, the musical support should not be missed.

The Most Beautiful Songs For Your Wedding

Find inspired by the most popular Spotify songs on the most beautiful songs for your wedding-

Although the wedding month is already over may, however, the streaming service Spotify has noted that the most wedding playlists worldwide have been streamed in recent years on the 3rd weekend in July. Reason enough to put together a wedding playlist with the most beautiful songs for your wedding day. Because what could better support the emotions as the perfect music? Unchallenged at number one on the worldwide playlists, Ed Sheeran is with his ballad “thinking out loud” – this song has incredible 683 million streams. In Germany there is still better with “can you feel the love tonight” in the first place.

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Of course the wedding must be celebrated left out after the ceremony. That best goes with according to Spotify users “Don’t Stop Believin'” journey. Closely followed by “I gotta feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas and “marry you” by Bruno Mars.