The Most Beautiful Winter Coats

Suddenly it is bitter cold and you do not have the right companion for the upcoming minuscels? I will give you our Top 7 models, including a warm-up warranty.

From casual coats in the fashionable hippie-cut to coats of coats for color accents in the dark gray-with these models you are best equipped against the coming cold:

1. The Eggshape Coat

Style without corners and edges is boring? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! This is evidenced by the current coats in the Eggshape (or Cocoon) style: these are coats in “O-Form”, which became popular in the 60s by their founder Cristobal Balenciaga and are currently experiencing their revival. They are characterized by a narrow cut on the neck and legs as well as a broad section in the hip and waist area, which results in the said O silhouette.It is important for the Eggshape coats that you combine a narrow outfit so that the look is not “too oversized”.

My favorite is the gray mottled  Cocoon coat  from the navabi collection, which, thanks to its soft tweed of wool, alpaca and mohair, promises not only cozy warmth, but also a stylish appearance in the winter thanks to its design.

2. The Classic Duffle Coat

I want nothing more of a winter coat than to bring me warm through the cold season, is indestructible and defies every weather situation – that he is just a faithful companion. The Dufflecoat, which, as a former piece of equipment in the Navy, still impresses today with its casual hood, pockets and characteristic toggle closures – and still very popular.

The  Dufflecoat by Triangle is  very high in the frontline, because it is especially feminine thanks to its waisted cut and the extra cord stopper, which makes the cloak in the waist very feminine, and the light beige looks very high quality. In short: We are very happy that he has successfully made his way from the military to the fashion world.

3. The Cuddle Coat

In the winter, is “as fluffy as possible” your credo?With the new artificial fur coats (also called faux fur coats) you can have everything: the glamor and the warmth of furs – and a good conscience. In addition, artificial fur has some advantages over real fur: In contrast to real fur coats, faux fur models do not have to be treated with chemicals before processing. In addition, they are lighter, easier to clean and, in contrast to animal fur, do not smell when, for example, rain drains onto them.

The  artificial fur coat  by Anna Scholz is the perfect cuddling partner for this winter and by its color also a real eye-catcher. We have further models from theFabulous Fur label  , which has been used for the revolution of the artfelt revolution since 1989, and has also designed warm and stylish models.

4. The All-Rounder Parka

A coat with coolness guarantee: The Parka. His trademark? A relaxed cut, made of durable fabric and camouflage colors such as khaki or earth tones.Obedrauf, the Parka is not only casual-cool and timelessly beautiful, but also has a character and a story: It has already been used (in the form of a feeder) in the Antarctic as well as in the military as a weapon against wind and weather. And the best: The classic Anorak from the Antarctic has made it into the fashionable look of the big designers and is still the favorite piece of the trendsetter scene.

This season, it may be a bit noticeable, so the  Parka with neon details  from Open End is my absolute favorite. It fits in winter perfectly to an uncomplicated styling of jeans and sweaters.

5. The Colorful Short Coat

The perfect alternative to the coat classics are coats (also affectionately called “coatigans”) – especially in poppy nuances. They give your wardrobe a successful color patch and help to resist the winter blues confidently.

I have fallen in love with the coatigan from the navabi collection in Petrol this season as he brings a special warmth into the winter wardrobe. This is where the minimalist silhouette of the short mantle meets kimono sleeves and high-quality felt.

6. The Down Coat

One thing is clear: down jackets are the most effective warmers when the winter gets us ice cold. An investment is always worthwhile, as they are timeless, faithful companions, and high-quality materials also pay off while wearing and ensure that you will not be cold even at minus degrees.

When buying a down coat, you should always pay attention to the correct ratio between feathers and down. The filling should consist of at least 70 percent down, 30 percent can be quiet from normal springs. Just like  Zizzi’s down coat , with which we defy the winter cold this season. In addition, this is particularly light and not aching due to the special feeding: exactly as we would like it from a good down coat.

7. The Camel Coat

Fashion experts trade the color “Camel” as the new gray. From delicate cream tones to nuances in sand and beige to intense caramel-the trendy color Camel shows itself in this season in the most diverse nuances and I note: No sound has more elegance.Camel-colored coats are timeless and have the gift to upgrade the rest of the outfit in no time. In a Camel-Coat, sporty outfits look immediately glamorous.

This season I wear camel-colored coats most of all from a cozy wool mix, as with  this model by Persona by Marina Rinaldi . The look is especially classic and sophisticated, combined with delicate natural tones, as threergroup says.