The new iPad 3 – see everything like never before

Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, presented the new generation of the popular digital tablet or just the “new iPad” (New iPad).

The new iPad 3 comes with better fundamentals – better screen, camera, Wi-Fi connection. Everything that makes the new, third-generation iPad in position to offer so much more than you’ve ever imagine you.

Retina display is something that makes this device is special, most of all other improved features. The new iPad has 4 times more pixels than the iPad 2, razor-sharp text, richer colors. Retina-the screen turns all the iPad experience. So everything looks and feels incredibly vivid and perfect.

The new iPad has a million more pixels than HDTV

All you are doing with the iPad, you make through its big, beautiful screen. And when the screen is better, the whole iPad experience better. Retina display on the new iPad have a 2048 x 1536 resolution, 44 percent larger color device, and incredible 3.1 million pixels – on the same 9.7-inch space. It is four times more pixels than the iPad 2 and a million more than in HDTV. These pixels are so together that your eyes cannot distinguish it from a normal viewing distance. When you are unable to view pixels, you see the whole picture. Or the article. Or the game. On a made you never before could experience it.

Screen on the new iPad

The new screen is designed in a completely new way. Each pixels on a screen has multiple signals which tells when it should brighten up. But when you have a lot of pixels and a lot of signals on the same level, will be signals crossed and image quality suffer. In order to ensure that everything on the new iPad looks crystal clear, elevated the Apple engineers pixels on another level – to separate them from the signals. It is technology which is a breakthrough. Exactly like the new iPad though.

The new iPad (3)

Other features:
* Dimens joner: 241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm (Hxwxd)
* Weight: 652 g
* Storage: 64 GB and 16.32
* Monitor: 2048 x 1536 pixels, Retina display, LED-backlit 9.7-inch (diagonal) screen with IPS technology with resistant oil supportive coating that protects against fingerprints
* Processor: Dual-Core chip A5X with quad GPU
* Camera: 5 MP iSight camera with auto focus, face detection, touch focus, HP 1080 p video, geolocation, accelerometer, gyroscope
* iPad battery: Li-Po av 42.5 Wh
* Battery life: 10 hours Web surfing over Wi-Fi, video spilling and music
* Connection: Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0, AirPlay on Apple TV and more