The Solution to The Memory Leak of Lollipop Is a Module of Xposed

One of the hottest Android 5.0 failures was the famous Memory Leak. A ruling by which a device memory is filled and later it is not emptying properly. This caused random failures in applications that consume a lot of RAM, something quite frustrating for applications running in the background. He was there for a long time as one of the most marked by developers bugs.

Those who have not been able to update to this version and they are affected by this problem, there is a solution: a module to Xposed. With this small “patch” we can fix one of the most popular bugs of Lollipop and use our device normally until an update to fix it.

At last, resolving a classic failure of 5.0

The installation is simple: download the module, activate it by Xposed and restart our device. No, no to do any further though, that Yes, to use it will have to do root previously because this application needs Super Administrator permissions to run the full.

At the moment this patch only works for 5.0 for one simple reason: no Xposed for Android 5.1 yet. Do fixed the memory leak in 5.1? As they point out the developers there is at least one important bug that has not been solved still. It is also true that there be alarmed with the ruling, it is common on many platforms, but should recognize that Google has been slow.