The Timeless Jewelry Fabrizio Reginato

It all started in late 2001, with a copper ring for a beautiful girl, then pendants arrived, necklaces, bracelets for other women.

As well recounts its history of “artisan accidentally” Fabrizio Reginato, who works as copper, aluminum, brass and silver without melting, weld or set them, but using only the hands, an anvil, a hammer and pliers. cold Work and everything strictly by interlacing, a choice that drives him to find solutions for new forms, new joints for stones and resealed.

Her jewelry, whose individual parts are made and assembled by hand, have a timeless elegance tribal… but judge yourself.

Its activities take place in Milan in a lab that has nothing to do with the creation of jewels: it is hosted in the spaces Mumble Mumble , which deals with laying, decorate and draw resin floors for private, offices, stores and kindergartens and with which Fabrizio, thanks to its metal working expertise, has developed a fruitful collaboration for the creation of a nice line of resin jewelry, Madamadoresina.

Invent, experiment, enjoy yourself… you learn by itself and better day by day, discovering the secrets of the raw materials you are working. I have learned so no school without classes: I have just been lucky enough to have fun with what I was doing, to see beautiful creatures wear my artifacts, discover a side of the female world which is generally the man ousted.

Well, even you have to try to find out earrings and necklaces, risking… I mean, it takes courage. And there were, of men as well!