The Top 3 Products To Protect Your Screen

Our mobiles are an important part of our everyday lives, and it is no wonder that we are trying to protect them. As mobile screens are so vulnerable, we present products which helps you to protect the screen of your mobile.

# 1 PanzerGlass

PanzerGlass protective film

You may remember that we wrote to your smart phone can survive hammer and scalpel? If you’ve read what we wrote on our Google + page, you know that PanzerGlass is ultra-strong and a reliable screen protection from Denmark. PanzerGlass is for 9 times harder than glass! It is not strange that their products are among the most popular products on our pages. Just search for “PanzerGlass” in our online shop, and you’ll find a nice protection for all kind of mobiles, tablets, and more.

# 2 Crystalusion Liquid Glass-protection

Crystalusion Liquid Glass is an advanced way to protect devices such as phones, tablets, cameras and laptops, thanks to nanotechnology. It’s easy to use Crystalusion Liquid Glass-protection, and you get 100% bubble-free wear protection, water and moisture, as well as 99.9% of bacteria! It sounds almost impossible, but Crystalusion Liquid Glass has not been so popular for no reason! If you appreciate the environment, it is good to know that this product is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Here you can obtain Crystalusion Liquid Glass, and below you can check out how easy it is to use the:

# 3 Good, old protective film

Screen protection

# 3 is not just a product, but a kind of screen protection. And not just one kind of screen protection, but the most popular kind of screen protection on the market: protective film. If you prefer a more common way to protect your cell on, so of course we recommend a protective film. On our pages you can find a number of protective film, so it’s just about choosing. Protective film is usually cheap and thin, and they do not affect the touch screen sensitivity. We make sure that the protective film we sell is genuine high-quality products, and in addition, you can select the protective film, which absorbs light so your mobile will be protected, while at the same time it will be easier to use it in sunlight.

Which of the 3 products do you prefer?