The Tradition of the Wedding League

Among the many traditions involving a wedding, one of which has remained intact for longer is that refers to the League of the bride. This small piece has become one of the basics of the lingerie for brides. But besides being charming and extremely sexy, the League has its place in wedding long ago. Learn more about this tradition.

The origin of the tradition

Most of the investigations seem to indicate that the origin of this custom is in the French court during the 14th century. Then it was firmly believed that getting a piece of the dress worn by the bride on her wedding day would bring to who had it, lots of success and good fortune. As a result, poor brides crunching your precious completely shredded suit since there was a real hunt for a piece of “good luck”.

To safeguard both the own wedding dress, they began to use small decorated leagues that were under wedding dress.

Although the procedure for obtaining good luck has had watered down a lot, the bride remained in danger since, although she was responsible for take it off and give away it, unmarried and eager men who came to the wedding were responsible for making the League. Needless to say the bride continued through an annoying time.

Enters the groom then save his lady and, since then, remove the leg of the wedding League is her new husband.

The tradition today

The centuries have passed and the tradition of the wedding League is still very current in Europe and America all. Already men don’t pursue the bride and in fact, in the Schedule of the majority of weddings, defined a specific time so much that bride throw its bouquet flowers to wedding attendees single women, as for the boyfriend gently League leg of his wife and give it to who considers.

In many countries the bridegroom throws a single League attendees male and unmarried. In other countries the bride will choose a few single friends and will have under your dress a League for each of them. Groom – against all assistance to the wedding – removed one to one League and place them in the legs of the chosen single.

Another version of the tradition concerning the leagues of bride who can be seen regularly is the cut bridal League into small bits. The groom will then auction those pieces of “good luck” among unmarried men who attend the reception. Hopefully, whoever shall pay for it.

Certainly, any of the options is extremely fun.

The leagues and the brides of today

Wedding is a very special and emotional moment. Every detail is designed and planned with surgical precision and the outfit that the bride will take is one of the main aspects. Each piece of clothing is conceived, designed and chosen months (sometimes years) in advance. The lingerie of bride is no exception to this.

Although many brides decide to not throw the League to their guests, most choose to carry one under the suit only for the eyes of her husband on their wedding night and honeymoon, and as a reminder to retain for his entire life. Also choose the League as the part that meets the requirements of the bride: something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue. The League can be “something blue” or “something old” where it is a family heirloom.

Lot of brides also choose to carry a League worked, more elegant design (leagues, like the rest of lingerie with vintage-inspired are very fashion) or in the case of a relic and, simultaneously, also lead one to comply with the tradition. In this case, the League which will be remember must be placed high on the thigh and a little below will be the League for the party.

When you think in your League keep in mind two fundamental tips: always put the League on your right leg and agrees with your boyfriend in advance what so high can lift the skirt of your dress.