The Web Has to be for Everyone, Even for the Owner Marli

I honestly can not understand what they want the internet gurus. One day, they complain of “lawless land”, the “Rat piracy.” In the other, the lack of access for millions of people – whether for political, financial or cultural reasons. And suddenly, when laws begin to encompass real and virtual world, people spend more and more to pay for digital content they consume and digital inclusion strides, some say that the web is in decline, that Apple and Facebook is evil incarnate, that only money is important to the detriment of the people.

The apocalyptic statements that have been increasing in recent weeks are based on the figures presented by a research institute, the Pew Research Center. He said between 57% and 64% of Americans (depending on demographic and age) use preferably applications closed, on the phone or smartphone to connect.

Before proceeding, it is good to explain terminologies. “Web” is the World Wide Web is the interconnected set of content accessible by “Internet” – Which in turn, is the name given to the global system of interconnected computer networks and servers. Simply more: Web is the information circulating on the network; Internet are computers and servers responsible for managing and disseminating this information.

What is going on? Well, users are switching from the broad and open network to semi-closed platforms. And webgurus point their fingers to Apple and Facebook as those responsible for the end of the free web. And do not tire of extolling Google as synonymous with open web, although I do not agree there too much about it.

The Facebook was born at the hands of the student and nerd Mark Zuckerberg, and today is synonymous with social network: a club of people on a private platform, communicate, exchange information and fun applications and games that run only within that network.  Steve Jobs in turn, is mentor of a proprietary ecosystem of computing and information at all levels: it creates content (through Pixar), manufactures the access platform (iOS) and holds the distribution network (known as App Store).

However, I would like to state here the point of view of the millions of lay people who can not understand this “crisis.”

I’m not a applemaníaca and not have Facebook profile (which I personally do not like).But what these two companies have in the eyes of the general public, was taking the web of the hands of a few computer knowledge holders. Everything has become so easy that ordinary people, children and the elderly could benefit as well. Think about it: who used the web in 1995, only a handful of fanatics technology? Since the 2000s it began to change.

But only now, in the era of apps of social networks, the Marli owner, the owner of a small candy store in my neighborhood, won 10 years of deep depression. She found an uncomplicated way to kill the longing of the children and grandchildren who live more than 3,000 km. Could she that without the existence of cell camera, apps, Orkut, MSN and mobile internet? Sufficed not take classes in a digital inclusion of the city for seniors program: it was necessary that arose as simple tools to use as culinary accoutrements of where they are born their Quindins wonderful.

I think she, with its extremely limited computer knowledge, has as much right as I to enjoy the web.

Ones had to undress vanity to write this post. There are about 5 years old, my family referred to me as “the lady of the Palms”, and gave me an aura of geniazinha, as something unattainable for ordinary mortals. In principle, it may seem very good for the ego to be known that way, but I feel much happier today when I see them taking advantage of everything the same way I do 10 years ago. I do not think me better than anyone just because I have more knowledge. On the contrary, I am a dentist and not a computer engineer! I think my example is worth more than my own words: has web (open and closed) for everyone.

Like any tech savvy, I also fear a little for a supposed end of the free web. But paint Apple and Facebook as diabolic companies seems more envy for being so loved and successful in the world, is not it? I believe closed and open web web can co-exist very well without this nonsense to put all standing war. Why must it be this way? Apple versus Microsoft. Linux versus Windows. Google versus Facebook. iPhone versus Android. Basta!

I am very far from having the level of computer knowledge of many of you, but I think I’m doing my part: just as encouraged Marli owner to use social networks and applications, today she thinks about starting your own blog about cooking. Granddaughters are even already giving suggestions of names, and promise to help her, there Rondonia, to put it in the air.

The web has to be for everyone. All the same. Stop be looking for heroes and villains.