These Indications Suggest That WhatsApp Plans to Launch a Web Version

The latest update of WhatsApp has several indications that we are approaching a long -awaited news for users of the application: the development of a web version.

The main evidence of the new version of Messenger were discovered by Dutch Android World. According to them, the initiative to investigate the case gained momentum after Pavel Durov, co-founder of the Telegram, WhatsApp competitor, confessed that hedistrusted the creation of a Web WhatsApp. Distrust came the attempt of WhatsApp to hire responsible for creating the web version the Telegram.

Studying the code of WhatsApp versions available in the Play Store (2.11.432) and the program’s website (2.11.471), it is clear that the two versions is registered the term “WhatsApp Web.” Another strong evidence is the address, an official subdomain messenger that has its protected content.

Besides the screenshot with the codes, they also released the screen image used to manage the user account session. There you can check the activities carried out in other devices and choose to disconnect from all of them.

Officially, WhatsApp has not said it is working on a web version. It is a likely path for the service, which was fully acquired by Facebook in October.