Three hairstyles short with braids… ¡Si It can!

I will not deny cut bob, stylish, is ideal. It became fashionable some years ago, but each new season comes renewed and is still a good-looking star if your factions really fit with it.

And maybe you take it and you consider, what will I do with short hair if I marry in anything? What hairstyles I can do with this measure? Do not worry. Although a priori seemed a difficult feat, there are options and as always, the network is flooded with ideas and tutorials to make you life easier, if you’re wedding as if you are going to go to a wedding guest. In addition, with the possibility of combining two musts: cut bob and braids. So we have launched to hunt and capture simple DIY, and we have three options that are sure to fit.

1.The first one belongs to The Beauty Department, a highly recommended blog beauty tips when it comes. We are offered the option of becoming a German braid. Look, it is possible even with the medium long hair!

2. another tutorial offer you us The Wonder forest. Much simpler, using just a few strands to create a semirecogido with tousled effect, which now is what goes.

3.the third we found on a Japanese website which shows you many different hair styles, and all of them with tutorials so that you can get them.Is called Locari.

The idea is to become a tidbits on hair weight to have a measure that does not allow large collected. There is to play with your hair in such an important day, and as you can see… options there are and all very cool. Advantage!