Tip: Avoid Sour Back Payments of Your SU with “SU Excemption Amount” App

Every year there is a student who has earned too much, and must repay their SU. This can be avoided with new app.

Most Danish students know well to the site our site, where they can seek knowledge of student-aid from the public.

It is also here that they can calculate the so-called “tax-free amount”, indicating what they must serve beside on student jobs etc.

But since not all student jobs pays fixed salary, it can be difficult to get an overview of the finances and thus ensure that we do not have earned too much.

That is precisely why our site will show the student readers a Danish app from the company Titeo. The app is called “SU Excemption amount” and may for 7 k-r available in Apple’s App Store.

When less is more
When you start the app, you will be asked to follow a 4-step Setup Wizard that gets top marks in unsurpassed ease of use.

Here you must choose other educational type, mixed describe whether or not you have children under the age of 18, and if there are months where you have opted out of SU. When you see the message “Congratulations!” you can respond with a tap on the checkmark in the top-right corner.

Then we started! You will now be presented with an overview in the course of the year is updated dynamically. In the statement, there are three numbers. At the top you will see the amount of what you must serve “the rest of the year”. Below you can get an overview of what you can earn in “average of the remaining months.” Last on the list, “Per month”. It defines the amount you must earn on average per month throughout the year.

-To enter your income, you must now press the “+” at the top right.

-You define even the title, Month and Amount. When you are finished, press the checkmark in the top-right corner.

Note: If you are not sure what amount you should obtain from earnings order, are the boys from Titeo obviously ready to lend a hand. The you get by pressing the button “Yes, help!”

When the amount is entered, the figures will change dynamically throughout the year, so you can stay organized and careful study the job without worries.

Michael f. Wedel station, which together with Søren l. Nielsen, the developers behind the app informs our site that an Android version is under development. However, there is at the time of writing no plans a version for Windows Phone-users.

After special agreement with the boys behind the app, we offer 20 promokoder. So if you want to have your fingers in “SU Excemption amount” app for iOS free, should you hurry you to write “Yes” in the comments box. We will send the code by email.

When you do not have to make on the above “guest list”, may 7 DKK in the App Store is said to be a highly SU-friendly price.