Tips and Trends for Bath Robes

Refreshes, warms up, massages, and smells: the morning shower is the best start to the day. However, the warm water is so sparkling at the moment when the shower is turned off and spreads goose pimples on the steamy body is so unpleasant. Quickly wrap a warm towel – or even better: throw a bath robe. So you can find the matching robe if you receive the following advisory information on these topics:


– What occasion the bath robe is suitable for?


-Models for ladies, men and children


-The materials: what the options are there?


-Trendsetting: what colors are currently trendy?


-How do you clean a bath robe properly?





What occasion the bath robe is suitable for?


The possibilities for bath robes from this site are varied. Depending on whether you want to use them in the sport, in the sauna or at home on the sofa, there are certain criteria that you can consider when choosing the right one for your needs.


Who has refreshed after a hot sauna with a cold shower, for which is the raised over bath robe after like a warm hug. Best knee or ankle length models from terry, which is absorbent, soft and therefore comfortable to wear suitable for it. For those who absolutely want to snuggle up, a coat with hood is just right. A model with pockets where things can be how to stow the locker or the glasses is also useful. A fabric belt to bind to or also a Velcro provides uncomplicated comfort, without that you must keep to the bath robe.


Both before and after the sports you can wear a bath robe. In the gym are above all such models that are as easy. You are then not too warm and well in the pocket of the sport. Also the coat should not be too long, so that you can get good at it. If you want to use the bath robe in the wellness area, you choose best for fluffy terry cloth one. So you can feel comfortable and safe also between treatments. A hood increases not only the feel-good factor, but protects the head, if you have time to wet hair.


Of course, you can wear a bath robe at home. There’s hardly a better piece of clothing, to spend a few pleasant hours on the sofa after the warm bubble bath. For this, it should be like a long model, which covers as much as possible from the body. Some people decide in this case also deliberately for a bath robe, a number is too large, so that it turns out a little further and more comfortable. Those who search for a robe, which is less cuddly but this visually to do something here, can draw a more elegant model made of silk into consideration. He can throw himself over in the morning quickly and is the ideal outfit to sit at the weekend at the breakfast table.


The different versions of the bath robe  in the overview:


-Ankle length for “Frostbite”


-Knee-length or short for more leg room


-With belt or Velcro


-Hooded as head warmer


-With pockets


Models for ladies, men and children


There are different needs among women, men and children. Just for men knee-length models are offered, to have as much legroom and to feel hemmed in not unusual. A monochrome model in simple tones gives the coat a masculine, stylish look. Ladies should choose their bath robes, which are no more than a dress size and lay one layer comfortably around the body. Although many models are suitable for both sexes so unisex, but if you like, also one of the little female cut versions can choose to. Who quickly freezes, can warm up well with a longer coat. Bath robes with hoods that protect wet heads from the cold wind in the outdoor swimming pool or on the beach are well suited for children. Bright colours or child-friendly subjects like most rather than the classic white.

Microfiber Bath Towel Wrap with Pocket Absorbent Ultra-soft Bowknot Accent

The materials: what the options are there?


-Cotton is obtained from the seed hairs of the cotton plant. Therefore, bath robes that are robust and can absorb much moisture. Also robes made of blended fabric are a good choice. The upside: These fabrics dry faster. If you hate to wash by hand or change your washing routine, you should reach for easy-care materials such as cotton or Terry cloth.


-Terry is especially absorbent and therefore well suited to dry skin after showering or bathing. The characteristic loops well insulated the tissue and therefore has a particularly warming effect. Depending on the weaving technique, as well as two, and length, there’s Terry in three different weight classes. The heavier the fabric, the more gives you the bath robe a feeling of security. Depending on the material is lighter, the better the coat can be transported.


-Silk conjures up a pleasant sensation on the skin and therefore perfectly suited for a dressing gown for adults. The finest natural textile fibre is one of the finest materials and has also a cooling effect that is pleasant on warm summer days.


-Microfiber bath robes are ideal for the sauna or after sport. Industrially manufactured from polyester fiber is still thinner than silk, but highly absorbent, quick-drying and odor antibacterial treated. In addition, micro fiber robes (just for gym-goers) are light and space-saving than linen or cotton bath robes.


-Viscose bath robes ideal for the home spa temple. There are real alternatives to the classic semisynthetic towels and because of the high wearing comfort and good absorption. And due to the light (knitting jacket) look they look fashionably dressed at the breakfast table.


Trendsetting: what colors are currently trendy?


Towels and bath accessories should be white, because only white linen is whites. Yes, but the old rule of the household can already be thrown in the towel. Also colorful and dark towels and bath robes safely at 30 degrees can be cleaned hygienically thanks to cold active formulas in detergents.


Grey, blue and white are the best-selling colors at the bath robes however until today. Lined patterns in pink or turquoise, as well as knee-length cuts currently are in trend. Who that is too conspicuous, which resorts to plain terry dreams of walking Terry with contrast collar or classic checkered waffle weave.

Women's Bath Robe Hooded Design Open Front with Belt Contrast Piping

How do you clean properly a bath robe?


Wash terry cloth such as cotton or terry cloth as possible together with other robust textiles and separated from sensitive textiles such as wool or silk. The coarse structure can damage delicate material during the spin cycle.


Heavily soiled cotton and mixed fabrics can be washed without hesitation. 60 degrees centigrade are usually sufficient to get the bathroom textiles hygienically clean. Dark materials are hygienic with cold active detergents at 30 degrees.


Use a micro fiber or wool fabric softener, but rather wool detergent.


You should wash silk with hand.


To avoid bad smells and bacteria in the laundry basket, hang a bath robe for drying and airing out only after use.


If you dry rub and absorb the skin instead of using water, your terry cloth is a real hardship. Rough towels and bath robes are cuddly after a round in the dryer again, because by the high air content, the fibers stay fluffy and soft. Attention: Wool comes at too high a temperature. Micro fiber robes dry single-handedly, hang to dry.


Do not iron, otherwise the voluminous fibers of the bath robes are flat depressed, lose to fluff and absorb moisture.




Unlike other garments, fewer shapes and colors are included when purchasing a bath robe, for this high-quality material is the be-all and end-all. Before buying, you should ask yourself:


-Why do I need a bath robe? The location for wellness fitness studio determines the material.


-I am sensitive to cold how? Depending on heat desired to determine the cut. The longer it is, the warmer it will be.


-How much maintenance would I use? High class fabrics like silk needs elaborate hand wash. Terry is easiest to care.