Tips and Trends for Men’s Hipsters – DBTh

You sit tight and crisp, emphasize the forms and are a fashionable alternative to boxer shorts briefs and the like the hipsters. They are popular with young men, because they always sit, fit under any kind of pants and are suitable both on the job and leisure occasions and for the sport. Comfort and soft materials play an equally important role as the design when choosing the right lingerie. The hipsters from this webpage show so in various designs – timeless and clean striking and effective.

Tips and Trends for Men's Hipsters - DBTh

-What characterizes hipsters?


-Colorful or restrained styles are the latest trends


-The materials are soft, comfortable and convenient


Note at the time of purchase


-True combination talent to fit men’s hipsters


Care tips for the hipsters to remain beautiful

-Varied and super hip


What characterizes hipsters?


In short, hipsters are tight boxer shorts. But there are some subtle differences. The retro variant of this model is closely cut, has a relatively high seat and a slightly longer leg so that it does not slip under the pants. She often also has a remedy, the trendier versions no longer have. The hip shorts, however, casual sitting on your hip. They are closely related, but are characterized by a very short leg. It can take just under different pants and fit in skinny jeans, because they have little material. The basic models are cut and shape between the two aforementioned models. Their bond is relatively wide and they are worn on the hip and have a relatively short leg, have a surgery only a few models. Often they are kept rather simple and show up in timeless colors, while the hip shorts are gaudy and convince by pattern.


The latest trends are colorful or restrained


Hipsters along here are especially varied. Even if its forms are relatively similar, the designs but sharply diverge. From simple to extravagant, everything is to have. Classic models show up in white, black or even subtle blends, self-colored rib with only small logo details. If you are somewhat bolder, there are at this laundry but also to discover a lot. Because men’s hipsters are the opposite of boring! Bright colors meet on elaborate patterns and eye-catching designs. Ever more prominent, the better! Elastic waist is usually contrasting with logos, while the shorts themselves then by brilliant nuances, pattern mix or numerous prints in the eye. From plaids with stripes and patterns to fantasy, the suitable Variant can be found for every taste. In the next season not only purples and reds but also blues and greens are trendy. But also the flat hipsters with a simple look back increasingly popular. But no matter, determines whether you under a timeless or rather have eye-catching – their design preferences are met.


The materials – soft, comfortable and convenient


What is top priority when buying lingerie? It is the wearing comfort. And it is defined by the material and the materials. If the hipsters are not pleasant on the skin, they are not tight but eke out their existence in the lingerie drawer. And straight men put on comfortable clothes! Fortunately, there are many different materials and substances which are distinguished by their different characteristics.


Synthetic fibers are becoming increasingly popular, as they transport moisture well and stick while not wet to the skin. These substances are tear-resistant, lightweight and dry quickly. In contrast, rib and wife beater variants are available. They are true elasticity and softness, remain moist but longer cotton dries slowly. For this they are skin-friendly and offer a plus in comfort, as the fins movement is. The popular cotton is processed in different variants, it is quite pure or as fiber mixture. In combination with artificial yarns, cotton is more absorbent and breathable. So, it can also help to the sport. Those who would rather opt for coated surfaces will never go wrong with mercerized cotton. It is easy to clean and solid, receives but also a fine sheen.


You should note that at the time of purchase


A good fit is essential, eventually wearing the hipsters 24 hours a day! Therefore you should feel comfortable in the selected model and move well – Down by the Hipster. The laundry will cut somewhere or is too loose, comfort is lost. Choose a model that is suitable to your own body. Who moves much and is active with the tight shorts. They are crisp and specially trained men. Even with the material there to note some: cotton materials are skin-friendly and easy, while variants synthetic dry quickly and are suitable for sports activities. And what should be considered in relation to the size? Nothing can tweak or pinching. And the hipsters should not be too far, because she ought to look crisp.


Real talents of combination to fit men’s hipsters


Because they easily disappear under any kind of pants, you can wear your hipsters as well to the job as well as for leisure. This variant of the laundry not looming and releases no insights. If you but you do not feel comfortable as a fine opportunity to eye-catching model, you rely on hipsters that color matches the suit – be it blue, Brown, black or grey. The tight panties have also great under jeans and shorts or pants. If you like, can outburst including the patterned collar and make a stylish statement. Hardly a laundry is as changeable and versatile as the hipsters!


Care tips – the hipsters remain long beautiful


If you deal well with your laundry, it is be long maintained. There are care and washing instructions and a few important tips to make your hipsters remain long beautiful. As the hipsters are always directly on the skin, the models often at 60 degrees in the machine can be washed. Bacteria have so no chance, and stains disappear without problems. If your laundry is colored, she should be washed but just in case a maximum at 40 degrees, otherwise the bright colors with the time lost. For the optimal cleaning, you should use a detergent with special hygiene additive against bacteria. If you even detect stains, dab the spot with some stain remover, allow some time to soak these, and then normal wash the piece in the machine, so all residues are likely to disappear. However, you should note getting the washing instructions on the label, and then you can’t go wrong. When drying your hipsters, it is advantageous to choose the gentle method. Rather hang laundry to dry on the line than to plug in the dryer. So nothing goes up and the fibers remain as good as new.


Conclusion: varied and super hip


In addition to the comfort, promoters of hipsters put special emphasis on the design of their underwear. With tight seat and high-quality materials these shorts come up trumps. Because, whether from natural materials or synthetic fibers, simple look or with extravagant patterns, with long or short leg, hipsters are change able and are always fashionable. There is the right model for every occasion and so stylish business outfits and casual leisure styles can be perfectly complemented by men’s hipsters!