Tips and Tricks for Men’s Panties from America

Simply slip into them and feel good! For a good start in the day the little things are often decisive. Because if they pinch and itch under jeans or suit pants, which can be annoying during meetings in the office or on the trip with the bike. That starts the well-being in the underwear, so many men have detected and put on comfortable panties. Learn more about the “second skin” of the men. We inform you about the following topics.

-Panties – comfortable classics

-It all depends on the materials

-Properly maintain underwear

-Conclusion: must-haves for every man’s “hidden” pages

Underwear for Men

Underwear for Men

Many men rely when choosing their underwear on the comfortable and discrete knickers. They are characterized by a body-flattering fit and a high waist cut leg openings, which approximately cover a third to a half of the thigh. Panties from this web page are on the body, without being very closely, and have an elastic hem. So equipped they not apply even in narrow trousers. A soft elastic waistband ensures a perfect grip and guarantees that the slip on the waist does not compress or presses. The comfortable Jersey knickers have an intervention and are handy in handling. The pleasant men’s underwear is reflected in subtle designs visually. The favorites here include the white rib classic with longer legs. These timeless men’s pants not shine through with bright trousers and can be flexibly combined with white tank tops and T-shirts. You can make a change in the including light contrasts and classic striped patter

Material of Underwear

Panties  are only as good as their materials and processing. In terms of quality, you should do so no smears, because no other piece of clothing comes as close as the underwear. A first-class processing in the form of flat seams and piping guaranteed that no unpleasant pressure points arise. The material properties that provide the feel-good factor are kind to the skin, soft and easy to care when it comes to panties in america areas. But not every man can withstand every fabric and every material meets certain requirements. Here is an overview of the different materials and their properties:

Map of North America

Map of North America

Cotton jersey

The elastic woven material is kind to the skin, absorbent and breathable. At the same time it is soft and thus ensures a high wearing comfort. A small elastane percentage is often mixed with cotton jersey. This ensures the perfect fit and shape retention.

Cotton jersey

Ribbed cotton

This tissue has a high elasticity. The concise ribbed structure gives a cool retro character to panties and tank tops.


Rib cotton

Rib materials are made of fine, combed yarns. They are slightly elastic, and have a subtle ribbed structure.

Micro fiber

The soft, tear-resistant material is made from extremely fine threads. High-tech fibers such as polyester, acrylic and polyamide form the basis with microfiber underwear. The material is characterized by high wearing comfort and an optimal moisture management.

Maintenance of Underwear


White cotton panties can be washed at 60 degrees centigrade with laundry detergent in America. A boil wash at 90 degrees can remove a light grey veil. Colored fabrics can be cleaned hygienically at 40 to 50 degrees with color detergents. Panties made of microfiber can be washed at 30 degrees.


Cotton is usually tumbly dried. To dry underwear made of high-tech fibres, the most on the line. White cotton linen can be dried in the sun since it benefits from a natural bleaching effect. Bright clothes made of synthetic materials should be suspended not very long strong sunlight, however.


A classic design, perfect comfort and a comfortable fit make panties essentials for men. These panties are ideal for narrow trouser shapes, including with the body-hugging cut and leg endings. Whether you opt for classic white rib or panties with subtle patterns is up to your personal taste. You should pay attention to high-quality materials and excellent workmanship.