Tips And Tricks: Get More Out Of The Galaxy S5

Samsung’s powerful flagship, Galaxy S5, is an advanced mobile with brilliant features, but are you getting the most out of it?

Samsung Galaxy S5 tips

Today we present 3 tricks to help you use your Galaxy S5 smarter

Take screenshots on your Galaxy S5

It is a very easy and convenient feature, but many Android users don’t know how to take a screenshot on their mobile. This can be done in two ways:

1. mode: press the home button and the off-and-power button at the same time. As easy as that!

Take a screen shot on Galaxy S5

2. way:

Set the side of your hand on the left side of the screen
Drag it over to the right
That’s it.

Take screenshot with FireGestures on Galaxy S5

It is possible thanks to FireGestures- feature, and it must be enabled automatically.

Target heart rate with your Galaxy S5

One of the coolest Galaxy S5 features is the built-in heart rate monitor, which is used via S Health app. Just set your finger across a field next to the Flash on the back, and let the app measure the pulse.

How do you measure pulse rate with Galaxy S5

Assets single-hand control

If you would like to use your Galaxy S5 with a hand, it can be a little difficult because of the device 5.1-inch screen. That is why Samsung created a cool feature which is called single-hand control. How can you activate it:

Go to settings, Sound & display > single-hand control > Turn it on by clicking on the button at the top right

Do you have any other tips or questions? Write in the comments box.