Tips for Choosing a Sleeping Bag

The availability of reliable and good sleeping bag is crucial for spending enjoyable camping holiday. We present a few basic things on which to consider when you go to choose a sleeping bag:

1. In what weather conditions you will encounter while camping? They will strongly depend on where and when do you plan to go camping.
2. How much money are you willing to invest? Prices vary over a wide range – from 20 to 1,000 lev.

3. How long you want to use this sleeping bag? Quality sleeping bags can be used for years.
4. The weight and volume of the sleeping bag important you are for you? It depends largely on how you intend to carry your equipment.

Still, it is best to choose a sleeping bag that will keep you dry and warm regardless of weather conditions, so compromising its quality not recommended.


If you’re planning to camp in places with very low temperatures (polar climate, high places, etc.), Three-seasonal waterproof sleeping bags offered on pimasleepingbags that withstand night temperatures around 0 degrees is a good choice. But you should consider that temperature standards listed on each bag are more a guide than an exact science, as there are many external factors that influence. If normally you are cold-blooded, yet you are cold while you sleep and pulled with plenty of blankets, not bad to take your sleeping bag, durable at lower temperatures, even using it only during the summer.

The Form:

Whether to take the mummy sleeping bag type of rectangular or hybrid form depends on how you intend to use it. For general use and family camping, sleeping bags rectangular are the most comfortable. They can completely dissolve and be used as a blanket during warm weather, or to join and become a double sleeping bag. Sleeping bags in the shape of a mummy are generally the most Toplesh. They are also easy to squeeze and occupy less space when folded. Hybrid sleeping bags are a combination of the previous two forms, combining the extra warmth with more legroom and body.

Fabric Coating:

Nylon is lightweight; Ripstop fabric is the most stable and durable; Cotton is healthy and good choice if greater weight is not a problem for you.

Matter of Lining:

The plastic commonly used in sleeping bags mummy type is lightweight and durable, but the touch feeling is cold and not particularly comfortable. Cotton lining is soft, warm and stable and the touch feeling is very nice. Microfibre offers good water and wind resistance.


Synthetic nylon and polyester are most commonly used materials for insulation. Usually the price of the sleeping bag is a good indicator of the quality of the insulation used. Weight and it is also an important factor. High-quality insulating materials usually provide greater heat retain the warm air is lighter than the other. Sleeping bags filled with fluff are light and very warm, but unfortunately they are much more complex maintenance of synthetic and are much more expensive.


It is advisable to take a sleeping bag with zippers that do not bite into the fabric and easy to use. In order to reconstitute the sleeping bag to end and use it as a blanket (especially those rectangular) it is important zippers are along its entire length. Many are practical sleeping bags with double zippers, because in case of failure of one can always use another.


Quality sleeping bag must be made in such a way that even in reusable insulation him to stay to avoid shuffling and / or collected in one place, forming cold spots in the bag. It is also very practical to take your sleeping bag that can be washed in an ordinary machine.

Mats, Inflatable Beds and Cots:

All they do sleep in nature much more comfortable and cozy. What will you decide to put in his sleeping bag depends on your own preferences and budget, which have. Bedding are the most compact and easy to carry, even some models can inflate with air and become more comfortable and insulating. Inflatable bed is usually the most convenient and economical solution. But it must be quality, because otherwise you may have to get up at night to get it inflated. Folding beds are bulkier, but at the expense of these are the most comfortable for sleeping, especially when the floor is uneven and the ground is cold.