Tips for Summertime with Baby

Summer is the hottest season of the year and when it arrives everyone suffers from the heat. Learn how to enjoy the baby with the baby.

Tips for Summertime with Baby

Babies are very fragile beings who need a lot of care.

For inexperienced parents who do not know how to take care of their children in the hottest days, here are some tips to enjoy the summer with the little one.

Tips for enjoying summer with baby

Give more baths

On normal days, a bath a day in the baby is enough to keep it clean.

In hot weather the first bath should be given early in the morning to remove sweat from the night before. Already the second bath should be in the late afternoon to let the baby relaxed.

Always choose a child’s soap with the pH similar to that of the children’s skin.

If your baby has very sensitive skin, choose an unscented product and creamy soaps with olive oil, shea butter and oat and sweet almond proteins to maintain the skin’s natural hydration.

Take walks outdoors

In the summer, try taking walks with your baby. Take it to a park, square, club, beach, or other outdoor seating.

Avoid crowded places and observe the times indicated before 10 am and after 4 pm.

Give the baby lots of water

The heat of summer increases the warmth of the baby’s body, with it, it loses more fluids through sweat.

In the hottest season give lots of water to the little one.

Water should be offered to infants who do not feed exclusively on breast milk. Other good options are the natural fruit juices like orange and the watermelon or coconut water.

Leave the baby without a diaper any longer

In the heat babies are at greater risk of developing rashes.

This is because the diaper, especially the disposable diaper suffocates the area. Whenever possible, leave the baby without a diaper so the area is aerated. Put only light, fresh clothing on the baby.

Use dermalising gel powder

This product can be applied after bathing throughout the baby’s body.

This talc is excellent for keeping skin dry and protected and thus prevent rashes, rashes and itching.

This product brings substances like D-Panthenol, ceramides and allantoin, ingredients that moisturize and regenerate the skin. Zinc oxide has a protective and drying function.

So on hot summer days you can have a lot of fun with your baby, so just follow all the tips and put first the health and well-being of the baby.