Tips of Preparing for Camping Items

Before each camp, it is necessary to know some essential elements for the same. It is also a valuable document for the animators and educators, as well as for any scout. 

We hope that it will help at the time of leaving camp. And of course, if you have any input to make us, welcome.

The Lantern is an important element in the list of camping equipment. There are many models and many accessories to choose from. From simple flashlight from a single AAA battery to the large battery, radio, beacon, etc.
In our experience, we must avoid too large lanterns. When we go camping, the volume and the weight of our team are very important. Therefore, a flashlight too big and heavy is often one difficulty more than a help.
Two elements common flashlights work perfectly well for our needs, at a very affordable price on Cancermatters. A bit more expensive but of excellent quality, are the headlights “MagLite” and the like. Very small and resistant, they have a very strong light, and also have very useful features. In particular, the two battery size “AA” is very practical.It is important to note that should carry replacement bulbs and batteries, and bring us batteries. As in the rest of the team’s camp, must start preparing the material with time, to avoid the troubles and the accumulation of flows at the last moment.For lighting the place of camp, kitchen, etc, a different personal lanterns light source is necessary to . Today we have three different types available, with advantages and disadvantages relating. Kerosene or liquid fuels
We have the wick and mantle. Given all the variables, and taking into account the type of camp that we perform, we believe that the best option is to have two lanterns supergas, with carafes of 1 kilo.
It always must be the forecast to control the load of the decanter before leaving, and carry a good supply of blankets, glasses, ears and hands. In addition, should practice before the maintenance.When we talk about life in the open air, often comes to mind the image of a browser with a huge knife in his belt. This mink, in practice, is usually unrealistic. First of all, must make it clear that the knife or blade are tools, and that they require training and practice for their use. Therefore, and according to their age and abilities, educators Scouts authorize previously each of the boys to take them and use them in an activity. It seems to us that – if we have to choose-a knife of various applications that a knife is much more useful.Normally, during a camp my knife is always in your pocket, while the knife use it sometimes. In the market there are several models of knives, and several levels of quality. In general terms, those of inferior quality are not a good choice, because they are little resistant, as well as being riskier in use.Within a medium and high quality, there are basically two types: the “knife Switzerland” (of which without a doubt the best and most expensive is the Victorinox, but there are other good brands), and the “Leatherman´s” and the like, which is a tool very complete, with clip, etc. As the cost is high, (u $S 50 up to u$ S 250) must be sure that the chosen model is appropriate, and be careful not to lose it, for which all the knives have a ring where to place them a “faithful” or a cord to tie them.In the case of choosing a knife, we must consider the appropriate size. Too big is not useful. Stainless steel are often more colorful than good, because it is very difficult to sharpen them and to maintain its edge. Knives are most dangerous desfilados, because it is harder to cut. We must focus on the care and responsibility in their use.One of the most useful tools in outdoor life is a rope or a Cape. Request that each Scout to carry a rope for use alone or together with his team, in games, activities, or in place of camp. This place must have 6 to 10 meters long, and 6 or 8 mm in diameter. In hardware stores and supermarkets sell a few strands of synthetic material that is very suitable for its resistance. You can check with a dry-pen or dye the ends to prevent it from being lost.It is a piece of important equipment, but not obligatory. There are several models and materials. Which best result we have given are those of stainless steel or plastic. It is not recommended to have thermal insulation. They are very bulky and heavy, and provide no real difference. We must verify that they have case or hook/strap to hold it. Cap threads are very good.

The market is appearing a new generation of folding plastic containers, etc. that have very good reception. They haveresistance a little lower, but with care are very useful.An envelope of sleep is a relatively expensive and long-lasting, so we must be careful in your choice. There are many models and qualities to choose from. Lucky for us, their price has dropped considerably in recent times.Basically, in our activities, we will not cope with extreme temperatures, but nor should we choose one “tropical”. With that support 0 ° or 5 ° normally is sufficient. Avoid those that are too thin. It is good in their preparation there is no points by which heat (seams, zippers, etc.) to escape, and are washable. The material with which they are filled is very important. Very good quality artificial fibres are used currently.For a good camper, the backpack is a subject of much reflection. When choosing a backpack should be considered the resistance of materials and its preparation, size, etc, bearing always in mind for what we’ll use. Normally it should last for many years, and Scouts you will give a heavy usage.A good frame (the most modern are the internal structures) and a size that is too small will be defining in the election. You must have adjustable straps, because we are all different, and we should “tune” backpack to us, so that the weight is properly distributed. According to the latest studies, it is preferable that backpacks are relatively narrow and high, than otherwise. It is important to have (internal or external) pockets and compartments to order our effects. They usually come with straps to tie the envelope of sleep, the mattress, the tent, etc.If it is not waterproof, it is having a lining that Yes is, as protection. Many bring some reflective, useful element on a night hike.Camp table-ware attachments are not very specialized, but have some small requirements. Of course they should be unbreakable. Within this range, we have plastic, melanin, enamelled surfaces, aluminium and stainless steel. According to our experience, the steel is which brings more advantages, with the only drawback that transmits the heat very easily.With respect to the cutlery, somebody actually serves. If we want to have a special game, sold in the specialized houses some games that are fit to remain United. To pack up the team, do it inside a bag, with a kitchen towel or napkin fabric, which will come in very useful.

Assembly of the backpack can be a very simple thing, if we take certain forecasts. The idea is that there are no things loose in the backpack. To do this, we can prepare bags of fabric for different uses.