Tips to Make Your Lips Look Fuller

All women would like the full lips, well-defined, swollen, soft and extremely sensual as a gift mother nature, often, however, we are not so fortunate. Obtaining a labial mucosa kept and more voluminous, without having to resort to surgery or botox injections can be; let us see how to make home made with simple tricks.

Tips to make the voluminous lips

Again, the nature offers us several elements to make the biggest and full lips. The skin of this area is particularly sensitive to rubbing and external factors, take a pinch of cinnamon and massage it for a few minutes on clean lips, pungent taste, typical of this spice, stimulate the circulation of the lips making them visually larger, you can get the same result with oil and lemon, in this case the oil moisturizes your lips while the lemon juice gives turgor. Even ginger, and generally everything that pinches can give volume to the mucosa. Pay close attention to the red pepper as it would be extremely aggressive and irritating. Mint also has a strong power on the lips, rub a few leaves, or prepare a poultice with mint and coconut oil to leave for a few minutes, rinse with warm water and you end up with the swollen lips.

Make up for swollen lips

In the market there are many products for filler filler effect, some gloss contain ingredients that stimulate the blood vessels of the lips, creating a reaction that leads to the mucous membrane to swell considerably. If you do not want to apply anything chemical, or can not stand the itching that give these lipsticks, you can opt for a make that recreates the optical effect of enlarged lips. First you made the base with a lip pencil, draw the outline slightly larger than natural, then applied lipstick, as a finishing touch, roll out a very shiny gloss to the center, so the light will be reflected at this point by showing the most full lips. If you want a nude effect, roll out the lighter color and bright in the center, while a slightly darker shades on the sides.As regards the hue green light to all shades of pink, to reds and bordeaux, the finish must be strictly glossy.

Gymnastics for lips

Well they also need an appropriate lip gymnastics, to prevent the formation of the first wrinkles, teeth and close your lips and try to make a smile resisting, so the skin will tend, and if you do these exercises with perseverance, will purchase again tone lost; then, simulate the gesture of the kiss, hold this position a few seconds and then relax the mucosa. Repeat this exercise 10 times. For an immediate effect of full lips and swollen, tighten the lower lips and the upper ones taking them in the mouth, stay a while with closed lips, and redo the whole thing for five times before with light pinching across the area lips, stimulated the circulation, you will notice a brighter color, a more meaty and volumizzata mucosa.

Lately, Web circulate photos of girls with very swollen lips, almost livid and disproportionate, that tell infallible DIY methods to inflate the lips. Pay close attention to what you propose, because, often, they get this result using an empty plastic bottle back on the mucosa of the bottle neck and suck the air to create a vacuum effect. The blood comes to the surface and lips swell, q Technical his is very dangerous, you risk creating bruises on the lips and swelling difficult to cure that deform your appearance for days.