Tips to Prevent Nausea During Pregnancy

Is bad for me! Many expectant moms about discomfort complaining just in the first few weeks after conception. With these tips to prevent nausea during pregnancy is better soon you.

Pregnancy nausea many expectant moms know only too well. Each fourth of five women suffers in the first three months of pregnancy. The good news directly advance: the discomfort is nothing bad, but rather a sign that the body optimally prepared for the baby. The nausea is caused by the hormones that are produced by the body after fertilization, according to oxfordastronomy. Usually start around the fifth week of pregnancy symptoms, have culminated in the ninth week and subside between the twelfth and sixteenth week of pregnancy.

Common: One often speaks of morning sickness, but the discomfort can last throughout the day. The most expectant mothers are therefore looking for helpful tips to prevent nausea during pregnancy. Of which there are many that can very well help fortunately. Testing the best times, which shows the greatest effect you.

The best tips to prevent nausea during pregnancy

In many cases, the queasy feeling is triggered by a specific smell like coffee or cigarette smoke. Avoid these odors as well. Otherwise, time tried these tips against the morning sickness and that lasts throughout the day.

Tips to prevent nausea in pregnancy: specially in the morning

In the morning the blood sugar is low – which can lead to discomfort. Enters the day best with these tips:

  • Eat before getting a crisp bread, abiscuit, or a slice of dry bread, which puts her in the evening next to the bed.
  • Drink a cup of herbal tea, such as Chamomile or peppermint.
  • Smells of half a lemon, the scent should dispel nausea.

Tips to prevent nausea during pregnancy: during the day

  • Eat several times a day meals instead of three large.
  • Avoid greasy, acidic or very spicy dishes.
  • Drinking sufficiently, 1.5 liters should be on the day, at best non-carbonated water and herbal tea.
  • Drinking small Menngen ginger tea or spices up your food with ginger.
  • So often it’s rest, put your legs up.
  • Tried foot reflexology or acupressure.
  • Note When you are badly.Often a pattern can be determined, which can then go to her.

From when to see a doctor?

Often enough the above tips to prevent nausea during pregnancy. Many expectant mothers must not pass up also, but only fight the queasy feeling in your stomach. Since you are already in this phase of pregnancy at the doctor’s Office, you can address your problems like.

You should in any case to the doctor if your everyday life strong through the nausea is affected and you must pass her reinforced. It may be that the doctor in the hospital transfers you, where the lost liquid by infusion will be returned to you.Only a few women facing such serious pregnancy complications but luckily.

These medications help the nausea in pregnancy

Usually, you’ll get the malaise in the handle with the home remedies. In severe cases, the doctor can prescribe medication, for example with the active ingredient Dimenhydranit. Also through the administration of vitamin B6, the nausea can disappear. Speak a revenue in any case with your doctor.