Tommy Hilfiger Autumn/Winter 2011 / 2012 in New York Fashion Week

Cool, casual and with an an informal point at all even in the more dresses or costume looks. So you can define the new collection of Tommy Hilfiger for the Autumn/winter 2011 / 2012. On this occasion they have counted with the participation of the English Simon Spurr, who contributed their ideas as consultant for the American House of red and blue, which by the waand to theready warn that you for the next year is rise tone and turn to the Bordeaux and to the military marine, metaphorically speaking (which the logo stays as it is), to thus transmit the change that is experiencing the firm.

It is that as everyone can see the Spurr british touch already more than palpable, although collection highlight not just for introducing many innovations, and follows the stylistic line of this summer 2011.

Baptized with the name of ‘Prep World’, inspired by a world in which the Indies are with the style preepy, as characteristically American. The key in the collection; tailoring for all tastes)versus xs XL), charge y hoddie pants, relaxed silhouettes and baggy pants. To dress warmly, in N.Y. needed more than, pea coats o Trenkas and great neck point.

Tailoring versus xs xl

Costumes for everyone, thinking of all the types of man, do not choose by a single pattern of tailoring and opt for the two. Costumes of merino wool flecked with straight-cut American, pants widths with tweezers, turtlenecks and moccasins.
As opposed to sets of tailoring of discrete Raya diplomatic and size much tighter, with jackets sLim and trousers tube. In this case combined with shirts with buttons at the neck and ties with printed details. To fit ankle boots in suede or leather.

Hoddie & charge pants

As the collection breathe casual for all part because not to rescue the charge pants, in recent seasons had been somewhat forgotten (I look no further than have a few that already lumped the storage area and introduce them to the Cabinet), to combine them with multi-adventure vests and marbled point. Bags shoulder bag and the boots of Mountain they are ideal to complete these looks.
One of the most oft-repeated outfits last fall was that mixing the cotton pants (del tracksuit of life) with casual Blazers and even with American label more than. In Hilfiger return to bet on this outfit, though sometimes they replace the jacket dress by a reversible raincoat the sea of practice.

Trouser clips w

already saw it in other parades at Rag & Bone, Calvin Klein, for the coming year although it remains the tight-fitting silhouettes include the wide in terms of leg of pants refers. The wide clip trousers they are one hundred percent that can be used with trenches, cut leather jackets baseball or American two botoens or double breasted and Crusades.

Pea coat and Trenka

Say that the returns the pea coat (wrap sailor) or the Trenka It is something that can be up to absurd than anything because they have never been to. Tommy Hilfiger presents again in classical ringtones (beige, camel and crude oil), land in Bordeaux or wine, marino and the inevitable winter gray with various nuances of tones, which incidentally make up the colour palette of whole show.

Fresh Details

So the designer has described to the small details in this collection, fresh. Ties patterned lacquered combinational, point collars or scarves, in both cases of size oversizes button type wood Trenka, scarves Silk Multicolor, or ultra-fine belts also print fantasy.