Toshiba Released a Guide of Safe Internet Use for Children

Today, Tuesday, the 9 February 2016, safer Internet Day takes place all over the world. This will raise awareness especially families of the dangers on the Internet. Toshiba has released a guide in the course of which explaining in particular the safe use for children.

On the occasion of the safer Internet day, which takes place on February 9 and made aware of family for the dangers of the Internet, Toshiba has published a guide to its company profile. In it, the safe use of digital media is recommended and described. Finally, it is more important than ever to alert parents to the dangers on the World Wide Web that lurk there, especially for children. Goal is to enhance their media literacy. So, Toshiba recommends, for example, with the purchase of family notebooks or laptops for their children especially on the device and the included security functions, as well as a trained dealing with digital media to be careful. When buying a notebook, you should on a sturdy and yet lightweight casing, practical multimedia functions, to view such as videos and YouTube clips, as well as ensure adequate security features. These include in particular sufficient password mechanisms, such as user, supervisor – as well as an additional hard drive password. So, the device should ultimately be protected from unauthorized access or malicious software.

In addition to the security features and the right hardware, especially the media literacy of children is important, which must be conveyed to them by the parents. Therefore, it is essential that parents raise their children for that, what dangers on the Internet how can lurk in chat rooms, Skype and social media platforms, what they should pay attention in their use and which maintain’s rules applies. In addition to pedagogical measures, there are also technical means, such as child-friendly user accounts as well as filtering and protection programs, that allows for the safe use of the Internet. This however not guarantee absolute protection. Can only help the parents to teach their children a safe use of the Internet. Parents must therefore continue to hold the surfing behavior of their children in the eye.

In children between 5 and 11 years is also advised to it basically cannot sit in front of the computer. Children should not unasked connect to the Internet, but inform their parents before they go to the net. In addition, setting a fixed amount of hours is recommended. Maximum of 1 hour is advisable on the day in children under ten to eleven years. Also child request from machines are recommended to find interesting and child-friendly web sites.

Older children and adolescents up to 17 years can indeed alone sit in front of the computer, yet are in favor of clear rules. Also, hard times are not wrong. A transfer of data and photos should occur only after consultation with the parents. This applies to sweepstakes when you register in chats or in the order of sample shipments. Unauthorized orders over the Internet should be prohibited right children. Social networks should use children and young people only in consultation with the parents. A Facebook account can be set up, for example, from the age of 13 years. Refuse it not the account but should. And finally here also information and sensitization on the subject are attached privacy in networks and cyber bullying. Another important tip is to log chats with clear names. There is also further information and advice regarding the behavior of children on the Internet.