Transformer Book Duet Switch Operating System on 4 Seconds

The just unveiled laptop and tablet that contains both Windows and Android are prompt to switch togs.

If you’ve been following along here on our site, who is currently following CES from Las Vegas with the Falcons look, you’ve probably seen, the company behind Padfone have presented their ASUS transformer Book Duet: a Windows 8 and Android hybrid.

The laptop, which in a split second can turn into a “big tablet, 13.3 has reportedly could switch control system at 8 seconds. However, doing so the machine tranformation in half the time. It writes our site, as in Recorder including have looked closely at the hybrid. 

In the video, we see clearly that the machine, like so many other products, is heavily inspired by Apple’s Macbook Pro. However, is it here not carved in aluminum, as several of the business high-end products, but instead carried out in plastic.

The monster looks also not seem to have problems with performance and transformation that are either initiated via button on the keyboard or the software, be done on only 4 seconds.

So if you are interested in having everything at your fingertips, so it must not therefore be bad patience, holding you back to buy transformer Book Duet, when it comes to the country.