Twitter Acquires Summify, a Service That Takes the Timeline Does Not Matter What

Twitter announced last week the purchase of Summify, a startup based in Canada and was founded by two Romanians former interns who worked on Google and Microsoft. It can rid our timelines of what does not concern us.

The duo created a system that is based on access and reading preferences of your friends on Google, Facebook and Twitter to send periodically consolidated with the best messages by email, via an iOS app or on your own web-application.

Initially, the two created a plugin called ReadFu (2009) summarizing and gave statistics on a page and their hyperlinks. In March 2010 the service was renamed Summify and beta – already much improved – sent more detailed summaries daily to the email of its members.

In July 2011 the application for iPhone was released. The following month the contents summarized as Summify would cover the social networks that today are its main target, a service that works extremely well and it offers a simple and pleasant interface to the eye.

As a result of the sale to Twitter, Summify is no longer accepting new members and must terminate its activities very soon, according announced their founders in a last post on his blog.

The post, however, did not say when or how Twitter plans to integrate Summify. Anyway, I can say that anything that Twitter do with it will not be a bad thing. And look that Twitter needs much of a good broom able to separate the garbage that really matters…

As a service, the Summify ‘means’ very efficiently and accurately what is most read your favorite feeds and among your friends on those networks. The whole logic of service and consolidated message has been especially useful for its users and the service has added almost 8 billion posts.

Our long-term vision at summify has always been to connect people to the news to them more relevant and more efficiently. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have opened new accounts on twitter; we realize that this is the best platform to execute our vision at a truly global scale “- says summify in the post.

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