Twitter Trending Topics Explains How the Work

The supporters of WikiLeaks do not stop still. Since Julian Assange was arrested, they make a planned operation with the simple goal of taking air websites. So far they were already offline: Mastercard, Visa and Paypal. The next in the list of hackers – speculated – it’s Twitter, for in theory not allow more than the issues related to WikiLeaks reach the Trending Topics.

To avoid the fury that galerinha noise that gets into a lot of confusion, the Twitter came forward to clarify the operation of the TTs.

According to Twitter, there is no manipulation in order to prevent hashtags related to WikiLeaks, the arrest of Julian Assange (website editor) or actions against financial institutions reach the Trending topis. And the service microblog emphasized that several times in the past these issues appeared in TTs.

Below is the explanation of Twitter to the case:

The trends are automatically generated by an algorithm that attempts to identify topics that are being talked about much at that time more than in the past. The trends list is designed to help people discover the most important of the most important news from around the world in real time.

It makes perfect sense. Just remember when there was movement “CALA BOCA GALVÃO” which made the host of the globe (or Galvao birds as you prefer) enter the world Trending Topics. If the Brazilians tried again to put this issue in the TTs, it is possible that he could not, because it is a wave that has passed and is registered in the Twitter servers.

More than 95 million tweets posted daily, which are scanned in search of subjects in effervescence. But if WikiLeaks was being much talked about, why the hell not entered the TTs? According to Twitter, sometimes it happens popular terms do not enter the list because “the speed of conversation is not increasing fast enough” compared to the conventional level of an ordinary day. “That’s what happened to # wikileaks this week.”

You believe? Or is this just an excuse Troupe Biz Stone and Evan Williams to avoid attacks by WikiLeaks defenders?