Twitter Updates Apps and Adds Header Image to Profiles

The Twitter announced today that you copied from Facebook an interesting feature for those who enjoy quite customize their profiles. Now users can set a header image, not just an avatar or change the theme of the page as it was possible before. Allied to this, the social network also updated the interface of their applications for iOS (including iPad) as well as the version for Android – something that ended up confirming the suspicions of yesterday.

The announcement on the official blog of Twitter says that anyone can add a picture header in the profiles, just go to settings, submenu appearance and add a header image (in English, header) which must have a minimum resolution of 1252 x 626 pixels . But I could only add a picture of yourself using the new version of iOS app.

The update of the application, by the way, confirms that Twitter has removed all competing imaging services. Now if you want to use any other than their own service Twitter, will have to switch to another application – which I highly recommend as the Twitter app itself is not that great for some time.

An interesting addition of the applications is the focus in the photo gallery. Those images that a user publishes and are in a grid on the left can be viewed more easily in applications. Already the iPad version divides waters – some say it is better, others say it is worse. We know which feeling prevails soon when the first evaluations of the program appear in the App Store.