Underwear for Pregnant Ladies

Curves to enhance or remodel? Here are the lingerie lines that help the sensuality, showing and hiding the right spots.

Underwear for Pregnant Ladies

The grass is always greener: Who does not dream of having a fourth bra when, for a lifetime, only serves to buy push-up depending on size? Yet women who can claim sinuous curves do not always recognize their advantage.

The collections of underwear spring and summer, however, leave no doubt: to wear lingerie and feel really good this year, forms really help. What if the soft hips continue to be an obsession, the remedy are the collections shaping that become more and more seductive.

The malice of the retro look

Synonymous with seduction, the brand Chantal Thomass, recalls a retro feel in any collection without ever losing, year after year, the creative power of the designer. The Thomass embodies in his creations a naughty woman but never vulgar, and he can play with transparency as well as with full color. Lace culottes, polka dots on balconies, broken orange and fuchsia, laces and bows make this lingerie line an icon of femininity and suggest to let go to narcissism and quirky taste.

Even Yamamay offers for spring-summer 2013, a look from the colors and the ancient lines.Beautiful collection with polka dots and delicate color combinations, and wonderful the Babydoll (€ 35.90) in white, black, meat, midnight blue and honey.

S is for Sexy and Simple, but also for sizes L

They can not miss in the drawers of every woman of bras and panties basic and comfortable, to use every day.

Intimissimi chooses new shades in the collection Basic super push-up model Simona, in blue, fuchsia, flesh pink, light blue, black, white and teal. To wear under the petticoat modeling and containment for a solution with no signs of stitching and small prices.


Bar Refaeli has launched its line UNDER.Me, sporty and practical, it does not fail to draw’s triggering your legs. Although it can intimidate the beauty of the model, this line is suitable for all and enhances the forms.

Punta femininity Yamamay, which enhances the tan with the full balcony (€ 19.90) and briefs (€ 7.90) in shiny microfiber champagne color.

S as Shaping, for XL sizes

Invention made in the USA by Sara Blakely, the modeling lingerie is no longer a myth in Italy. Increasingly used, has become widespread at high speed, thanks to word of mouth of enthusiastic women look beautiful without suffering is possible thanks to new mitigation sheaths which do not prevent to breathe as it was for the old bodices. Sold next to luxury brand in America, as in the case of Spanx line that has spread through the store Neiman Marcus, now from simple elements restraints shaping the collections have been transformed thanks to the sensuality of the lines and design. Spanx has launched the first piece swimsuits modeling that ensure the right “containment” even on the beach.

Yamamay however has no doubts about the tradition and raised in white with shaping band (€ 29.90) and petticoat (€ 49.90) in white, black and nude effect. Beautiful maternity support underwear with belt (€ 39.90 on Bestaah): men will never understand that it is a containing sheath.

For the soft young

20 year old teenagers and they do not need shaping bands, thanks to the elasticity and the natural light of their skin, but there are lines that can highlight and promote the right spots, avoiding the embarrassment of soft forms.

The balcony Esprit Ronja is very suitable to girls, with its white stripes on navy blue with a touch of irony and genuine femininity, allowing you to weave the straps in different ways.The Pearl model with cherry Tommy Hilfiger, as well as the pink square pattern helps to support the breasts and lacks freshness. Tom Taylor with Cajsa line thinks the gentle forms with an intriguing red striped.