USB 2.0 High Speed Hubs

Hello! I will buy the laptop and I intend to contact at least two USB devices to it, but unfortunately it has only one USB port. I know I’ll need USB hub, but I have no idea what exactly, because the market offers different brands and more importantly – active (powered) and passive (non-powered). I have no idea what that is supply and that to me is necessary. Naturally, I prefer to take hub without power, but I have no idea if I’ll do any work at all. To the laptop going to connect the USB optical mouse, GSM device that has the ability to charge via USB port (of course not when I’m on battery), USB Flash memory / MP3 player, and eventually USB card reader … Please, those of you who have experience with similar habcheta to share a little knowledge and experience! Thanks in advance!

I had (still have it, but burned the third week) Bellkin PCMCI card with 4 Port USB Hub, which has adapter. It can be used with or without adapter – depending on what the hang of it. If you’ve used ‘something’ like a hard drive with its own power supply then use it without adapter and vice versa, if you enjoy something which is powered from the port it will need the adapter will most likely depend on how much electricity will swallow. For the things you mentioned I’ll have you need an adapter, but I’m not sure – I I’ve tried only hard disk drive, mouse and tuner – May worked with all three without adapter (only for tuner’m not 100% sure that you are not I remember for the other two did not have an adapter). I guess you can test by the manufacturer of the card to which will eventually target which maintained all the devices. I would not recommend you Bellkin also not sure whether it was coincidence or not to keep in mind that my use chips NEC, and I’ve read for other brands of cards with the same problem as mine and all the benefits chips NEC.