USB 3.0 Multi Card Reader

MacBooks and ports, a subject about which one could hold forth for hours. Could. but I do not Mach. A card slot for an SD or SDXC card has the MacBook Pro Thankfully, that was it but also already.

As here lately and CF memory cards eintrudelten with contents that were needed for further processing, had to get a card reader. Choosing a lot on the CSL USB 3.0 multi card reader that colleagues highly recommended, a multi-card reader.

One recommendation I would now like to pass after a few weeks of use of the multi-card reader happy. The CSL USB 3.0 multi card reader supports Memory Card Formats XD memory, MS / MS PRO Duo, microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC, SD, SDHC, SDXC, CF, SD /
MicroSD Class 10 / UHS-1 and thus covers most of formats from.

As USB 3.0 device is also backwards compatible with the USB 2.0 standard, can also be used for older computers without USB 3.0 port. Data transfer speeds of up to 5Gb / s are possible according to the manufacturer, and it also can be read several memory cards simultaneously.

With dimensions of 40 × 85 × 15 mm and a flyweight 30 grams of it is a small, compact companion that fits in any notebook bag. Power is supplied directly via the USB port, so it is necessary no external power source.

Whether computer, notebook, ultrabook, iMac or Macbook, if a USB port is present, performs the CSL USB hub 3.0 Multi Card Reader behaviourless his work.

Small and delicate, and a multi-card reader, whether on Windows or OSX, which is CSL USB 3.0 multi card reader a clear recommendation worth. At a price of absolutely fair12, -EUR, he is currently in the colors black and white can be purchased (as of 06/2016) and an ideal tool for all who must juggle with different memory cards.