Use Your Face As A Password To Your iPhone

One day you will have the opportunity to use your face to unlock your iPhone up, if the fingerprint is not safe enough for you.

Apple’s Face Detection Technology

Apple's Face Detection Technology

On Tuesday reported an Apple insider that there was a new invention called the “personal data devices which are managed using facial recognition”, in other words, this technology lets you unlock your iPhone up, by scanning your face. People are already surprised by facial recognition technology and Apple hereby promise safety up on a completely different level, since this technology is many investigators dream. Do not worry about your privacy, for using facial recognition technology, the correct owner of the phone can be identified, IE. It ensures that you keep a secret. Besides all this invention prevents theft of your precious phone. Over 1 billion Facebook members use this technology, and also the manufacturer of the Xbox Kinect camera one’s. It is time that such an aid will be available for all Apple fans.