Vaccines for Premature Baby

At birth, a baby still has many deficiencies in the immune system, which will develop during the first months and years.

Vaccines for Premature Baby

However, to protect the baby from many serious diseases during the first 12 months, but also over a period of several years, vaccination against various infections and diseases occurs.

And if a baby is born at the right time, this vaccination is essential, more so it becomes for a premature baby.

In this article you can know a little better the vaccines of premature baby.

Premature baby vaccines

You will then be able to know the various vaccines of the premature baby and how they are scheduled. Check out.

This vaccine protects the baby against tuberculosis, a contagious disease caused by bacteria, and which can lead to death. It is applied to the superficial layer of the skin, in only one dose, and in newborns weighing 2 kg or more. If the premature baby does not have this weight, it should be waited until it reaches it.

Influenza (influenza) A
vaccine that protects against influenza, and should be taken in two doses: at 6 and 7 months. Then a dose should be given per year at the beginning of the cold season.

Poliomyelitis A
vaccine that protects against childhood paralysis and must be taken in three doses, orally.

Hepatitis B
Vaccine protects the baby from hepatitis B. This vaccine is taken in 3 doses (first 12 hours of life, one month and 6 months). For infants born less than 33 weeks or less than 2 kg, 4 doses should be taken.

Conjugated Pneumococcal
One of the premature baby’s vaccines is pneumococcal conjugate. This vaccine helps protect babies from pneumococcal bacteria and should be taken at 2, 4, 6 and 15 months.

Vaccine that protects against this virus, and must be taken and two doses, orally, at the 2 nd and 4 th month of life.

Bacterial triple
This vaccine aims to protect the baby from tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. It should be taken in two doses: at 15 months and at 4 years.

Vaccine that protects the baby from diseases caused by type B hemophiles, such as pneumonia, meningitis and osteomyelitis. It takes 3 doses at 2, 15 and 18 months.

Palivizumab (Synagis)
This antibody is intended to prevent infection by Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), which causes bronchiolitis, and is especially indicated for premature infants and children with associated health problems.