Vodafone McLaren Mercedes GX29

Vodafone Announces what will be its offer of mobile fruit of the collaboration with the team of Formula 1 McLaren Mercedes, the familiar Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 770SH, joined today the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes GX29, a Sharp 2g, and the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes SGH-Z720M, Samsung HSDPA that Movistar It has been for weeks in his catalogue of points.

The design of mobile phones is logically based on the colors of McLaren, Unfortunately the Samsung there is no available images and we cannot see that PT has. They will also be full of content associated with the world of the motor, menus, ringtones, images, videos…

Vodafone thus covers the entire range of clients, HSDPA, 3G and 2G. The three models will be available from tomorrow.