Wall Clock to Complement Your Interior

Perhaps everyone wants to have a cozy, comfortable living and elegant, modern furnished apartment or house. Besides the appropriate configuration layout, color scheme and interior furniture, play a significant role as well as the appropriate accessories. One of those that should not be missed, as well as wall clocks that today are intended not only to measure time, but they are often a showcase of modern, original and timeless design.

Wall clocks are now produced in many offbeat designs and manufacturers literally compete in broad menus of many shapes, sizes and material design hours. In the market we can find wall clocks made of plastic, metal, wood, glass or even from old vinyl records. It’s so easy to choose a wall clock that terms of look and will fit into an already furnished interior.

Design wall clock

A large part assortment of clocks is comprised of a clock classic, for which we ask those who are circular in shape with a typical face, formed hands and Arabic numerals around the perimeter. This type of clock still has its place among the interior accessories and can often be seen on the walls in the corridors and offices of civic buildings.
Increasingly, however, people for the completion of the modern form of the interior of your house or apartment, searching for designer wall clock. They often his novel and original performing becoming the center of attention and dominates the otherwise staid and boring interior and can give him a touch of playfulness and originality. Wall clock so in addition to their basic function, which is a measurement of time, become the bearer of style, design, or interesting ideas of its designer.

Size clocks

Even size plays clocks in their selection no small role. On the market today is a plethora of different shapes and sizes clocks.

Considerable representation have small clock which is often done in a dual embodiment, when it is possible to stand on the table and at the same time hang on the wall. On their own, however, they come to those who want their wall clock formed the dominant element in the room, and looking for a really big wall clock. Not infrequently encounter with wall clock in diameter and one meter. Lately popular and clocks, formed a central part of the hands and numerals, which are independent and can be deployed around the center in any layout. Thus you can be achieved practically unlimited shapes and sizes hours. Such an hour then left to stand creativity of its owner. It is also possible to later modify their distribution and thus actually their shape and size may vary over time.

Kids wall clock

Even children’s rooms deserves due attention in the selection of interior accessories and wall clocks there should not be missed. Children’s wall clock therefore constitute a considerable category that manufacturers do not neglect the clocks, and must pay deserved attention. Kids wall clock often revels in many colors and boast a cheerful and diverse look. Themes of different characters, animals and other children’s themes brighten and cheer up children room and help create the atmosphere of playfulness and carefree child.

Versus modern retro wall clock

The two main categories of wall clocks that people search for, include retro clocks and wall clocks modern style. The first category consists of more hours of classic design, whose appearance has lost timelessness and modern concepts. These include the clock in the style of 60 years, or various types of ancient hours. We often such a retro style reminiscent of ancient digits written in different fonts, or hands Renaissance style. Despite the glory and outmoded conceptions and a wall clock still find their adherents and admirers, and still found a range of interiors, where this kind of clocks in its design fits. No such exceptional clocks placed into modern interiors, which then creates an interesting contradiction to conflicts past and present. Modern wall clocks are the most popular categories ai range of this type of wall clocks is one of the widest, which is offered by us. Needless to say, between the amount of hours offered something for everyone. We can find intricate shapes and patterns with various quaint motifs are popular minimalist appearance of the clock, which operates a clean and airy feel. Besides plastic hours, we find a clock made of stainless steel metal in a luxurious and expensive design. Lessons are often themed, themed kitchen accessories fitting in the kitchen, or the motives of stationery to fit into workrooms and offices. Often the appearance of the clocks expresses a life attitude or opinion, or supports any idea.

Popular brands clocks

Among the most popular and best selling wall clock with us we are without a doubt the wall clock Karlsson. This is a Dutch brand that boasts more than 30-year tradition in the market. The clock Karlsson are synonymous with high quality, stunning graphics processing, aesthetic shapes and innovative design. Manufacturer periodically refreshed look and feel of hours so that nezevšedněly and keep pace with the times and modern trends. The clock Nextime is another brand that has found its way among the thousands of customers worldwide. Also, it is a Dutch brand of hours, with a rich tradition and more than 40 years experience in the market. The clock is successfully sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. The range is broad and offers many hours of different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. It is worth mentioning hour Discoclock. It is an interesting wall clocks made from old vinyl records. The board is cut and reshaped into a shape that forms the central theme and design their own hours. Suggestions are often drawn from the world of art, fashion, music or history. Clock Discoclock produces Italian design studio, Stefanutti, under the scrutiny of chief designer and studio owner Max Stefanuttiho. Among upmarket brands clocks, which are also available on our market include clock nomon. It is a Spanish wall clocks that are specific to its minimalistic design, the use of stainless steel materials and superior technical performance. It is not the stuff from time to time vary the old wall clock and replace them with new ones that are just IN revive the look of your interior okoukaného. Every visitor will surely appreciate your creativity and originality selection of clocks.