Wedding Gifts: 5 Original Ways to Deliver the Money to the Bride and Groom

In the field of wedding presents often poses the problem of finding original ways to deliver the money to the bride and groom. Here are 5 very original and fun that will surely also spouses and guests.

The money, you know, especially to a young couple, are really handy. Lately I have just the wedding present decided not only by the couple, but also by guests who are so certain to leave freedom of action and purchase to the bride and groom themselves.

To deliver the money to the bride and groom, however, the classic envelope is really ugly and, recently, there is a tendency to face the moment of handing over the money in several original ways and fun.

A method that has caught on recently, especially in America, is to build a money tree. You simply create a small tree on which flowers are inserted-origami made from the notes.

In second place is the realization of a cake made of money. The money can be rolled around spools and with them you will create a giant cake made of euro. Obviously, to make a good effect, some invited you mandate to collect various gifts in money to get a good stack of “ingredients for cake”. See Weddingsupplychain for a full list of wedding gifts.

Another idea is to make a joke to brides and grooms giving them an umbrella. Maybe you can ask them to improvise a dance with umbrellas, like that of “dancing in the rain” and once the two open their umbrella will find a lot of money.

You can organise a special decoration with balloons. At that point, once the bride and groom enter the pub dressed up with balloons, will find the latter full of money for them.

Finally, among the trends of recent years is the “cash gift” to the bride and groom in the form of coupons/coupon or checking account. In this case, however, the idea to surprise and arouse the imagination of the bride and groom there is: try to make a package where is hidden the current account or, even better, go build a puzzle that, once completed by the bride and groom, will reveal to them a bank account full of money.