What are Sports Watches

The sports watches, says the same name, are those watches suitable for frantic movement activities (such as sports) and where there is little attention to rash moves that could damage the watch itself. Often are clocks that support much shock and are made of elastic materials which are not affected / absorb the impacts. They are suited to their sport as said on bumps and why not give nor weight, nor discomfort in his movements.

Sports watches are watches that range from a small size, thin and compact with just a digital display or two analog hands to become real trainer with elements and features such as the detection of heartbeats, the stopwatch, pedometer and various other tools for athletes who like to keep track of their performance.

to date, sports watches and sports have evolved to the point that we can also define the ” smartwatch ” sports watches. Read more.

the materials of sports watches are not precious metals, but elastic materials such as plastic and its derivatives. A metal (except for the internal components and mechanical) would only get in the way, and weight for an activity like jogging or any sports (soccer, volleyball, running, athletics and so on).

The sport watches are so many and so many different models who adapt to the sport that we intend to follow.


The prices of a wrist watch varies from a few Euros for the most poor and spartan, up to several hundred euro for the more technological and functional that allow us to do many actions and evaluations of our performance and physical status.

A good sports watch, is around 50-80 € and allows you to keep track of their heart rate six steps we’re doing, to have the functionality of diving watch, and also function as a stopwatch.

Increasing the price we can also find watches Tom (on 140 Euros approximately) with GPS to keep track of the race. These are then configured with the PC, Tablet and Smartphone.

Known Brands

It depends on what we seek, if we try one then also smartwatch Samsung and technology providers, but if we look for something more simple analog or digital-to-use and always have at hand, then we will opt for a Geonaute, a Suunto or a Casio (of midrange).

For those who are given?

This kind of watches is indicated in the man / woman who always wants to view the time and the performance of their sports activities. That person at the same time does not want to impede movement and who wishes at all times to be able to have an overview of what he has done and for how long.

The sports watch is perfect for the man or woman who never gives up and who knows Maybe some limitations when used with its sports watch. But it is also convenient for those who work in areas where a watch is easily damaged, so the structure of a sports watch allows it to be used without too much trouble.