What Are The Basic Accessories For My New Bike?

Congratulations on your new bike! It has the time to equip yourself. If your bicycle is not new but still don’t have accessories for it this article is also for you.

Why Do You Need Accessories?

The accessories that can be found, for the bicycle and the cyclist, are designed with three main objectives:

  1. Security (for the bicycle and the cyclist)
  2. Comfort
  3. Self-sufficiency

The accessories that you choose will have to go according to the type of bicycle, the use we give and, of course, our particular tastes. It is ideal to start with a basic equipment.Over time we will be realizing our needs and look for the appropriate accessories to satisfy them. In this case we will focus the urban cyclist.

Basic Accessories For The Urban Cyclist

1 Accessories For Safety


The first thing we have to consider is security. Urban cyclists we are part of the vehicular flow and are exposed to possible mishaps with other vehicles and pedestrians. The best way to protect ourselves against these mishaps is to remain always visible. For this reason a good set of lights is one of the essential accessories for the urban cyclist. It is not enough to use reflejantes! There are different garments, such as jackets or fluorescent color bands and bands reflective that we can use, as a complement, to make us more visible. A good recommendation is to use brightly coloured clothes, especially at night.

For more information, we invite you to read our article onthe best lights for bicycle.


Although helmet use has become a topic of discussion in recent years, we suggest its use.


Other basic accessory for the urban cyclist is a good lock.Sadly, bicycle thefts are the order of the day. There is no padlock foolproof, so the best way to ensure our bike is to try to make it harder to steal than the bike’s side. For more information, we invite you to read our articles the best locks for bike and How safe is your bike against theft?.

2. Accessories For Comfort


When we use the bike to move into the city, freight transport is inevitable. According to our activities, at some point it will be necessary load with computer, books, change of clothes, mandate, etc. The way more practical and easy to carry light loads, distances short is a backpack.

Racks, Panniers And Baskets

In time of heat, on long trips, when the load is heavy or oversized backpack may be impractical.

We got back all sweaty

It can affect the control since the weight is balanced

There is no charge due to its geometry

It is tiring


For transporting heavy or bulky loads there as a good grill or rack. Equipped with a saddlebag or any basket we can load everything.
In the bag can carry loads it that we would normally bear in the backpack, with the advantage that this will subject to the grill and not on our back.

With the basket, either front or rear we can take the backpack and many other things that we need for our daily activities.

3. Accessories For Self-Sufficiency

Basic Tool Kit

A good urban cyclist must be always ready to perform repairs and minor adjustments. You never know where, or when you need to change or patch a camera, a problem with the chain, brakes, or many other fairly common setbacks.
A basic tool kit is essential to get out of trouble.

Basic Kit:

Levers or blades to remove rims.

Game patch cameras.

Spare camera.

Portable air pump.

Key Spanish (usually from 15mm.)

Wrench for spokes.

Set of screwdrivers.

Set of Allen keys.

Short chain.

There are multi-tools , which, as its name implies, include several tools in one. Very practical and easy to bring at all times.

Other useful accessories for the urban cyclist:

Fenders or fender



Rear view mirror

Amphoras and porta amphoras

Leg or parador

What Should I Take Into Account Before Purchasing My Accessories?

Not All Accessories Are Any Bike Or To Any Cyclist

Whether it is an accessory for the bike or for us it is important that you secure attachment is appropriate, has adequate measures and is compatible with our style of pedaling and use we give to the bicycle.

Price And Quality

In bike shops, you will find a variety of a same attachment, within a fairly broad range of prices. Normally, higher quality translates into a higher cost, although it is not a rule.
The ideal is to investigate and compare before you buy:

Asked in the shop about the differences between similar products.

Look for reviews in specialized magazines or on the Internet.

Ask other cyclists.

Economic versions of many of the accessories you will find usually last less. Evaluate your investment very well. There are items such as locks, pumps, etc, which does not have case skimping on cost. It is advisable to invest in an accessory of high quality that can last you a long time.Remember that what matters is that accessories conform to your needs.

I hope that this guide will be useful and you can equip yourself properly. Don’t forget to leave your comments, questions and suggestions.