What Does a Fisherman Look Like

Like many traditional uniforms, the marine is gradually gaining ground on the catwalks and in men’s wardrobes.

Mesh and thick godasses, parkas, skull caps, beards and teeming compose a new trendy range.

Exit the metrosexual! The real men, are in contact with nature and dress accordingly!

The Stripes 

Coco Chanel, James Dean, Picasso and Arnaud Montebourg, all adopted the sailor! The “striped sweater” (its official name) has transcended time and the world.

When it appears in France at the end of the fourteenth, it is worn under a jacket and must have a specific number of scratches.

Today, all brands offer their interpretation and striped T-shirts abound. Signboards dedicated to the sea, such as St. James and Armor Lux, retain a traditional approach for sea fishing bait.

A Superimpose 

Tel onion, sailor coats of several layers that isolate it from the cold and moisture. A jacket or a overshirt allow you to play thicknesses.

You can wear them under a coat or jacket, for example over a sailor sweater wool turtleneck or amount. American Apparel also offers cotton models.


The radius pants, there are rights or loose jeans in raw and resistant fabrics and long shorts or chinos, as in the riviera cabinet.

But the palette is different: the wardrobe of a fisherman in 2016 consists of different shades of blue, yellow, red and emerald green bottle or trendy next winter.

Sheltered Shots Sea

If there has a garment that not waiting on the catwalks is waxed. However, the yellow model, invented by Guy Cotten in 1960, is found on top of impeccable suits Dior Homme!

Another pillar of the nautical style, the immortal resurrected cloak again in the winter of 2016 in numerous houses that Carven and band of outsiders.

At the Feet 

At the boot, you have a choice, depending on what you wear. With shorts and a sailor, boat shoes will do the trick.

Originally designed for sailors, Sebago complement both looks boaters; like the Sperry Top Sider, another reference in the field. With a cloak and a plain jeans, black boots laced prefer, look for a very Corto Maltese.

And if you decide to play the old shaggy browsers, choose more substantial way hiking shoes or rain boots.


As the woodcutter, the fisherman is an outdoors man and action. So he needs practical accessories such as a backpack to carry his gear, mitts to grasp things cleverly and a hat to protect his head.

Preferably choose a miki, the typical Breton sailor cap. It is tightened at the back to avoid being carried away by the storm and no ear to listen the wind. Finally, to complete your look of old salt, put you in the pipe and beard!

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